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  1. Rotor brake starts are accepted practice in the AH-64, though pretty rare for various reasons. Supposed to be a valid technique for shipboard or dusty area starts. Never heard that it was a maintenance problem as it is in ATM and therefore a normal/accepted startup procedure.
  2. Depends on the uniform. Flight suits/work/field uniforms aren't mandatory.
  3. Honestly though, doesn't the army hate everyone? Except those with vaginas and Olympic athletes and such.
  4. You should definitely go for it. Guard aviation is a great way to fly part of the time, generally as much or as little as you want to. Possible deployments if you like that kind of thing too. As a LT you won't be doing much office work but that may change as you progress in rank. You may not be able to stay in the guard as a commissioned officer past the rank of CPT, due to the lack of open jobs for O's, so many CPT's revert to warrant after they command a line company. YMMV. Balancing a full time civilian job with a guard job can be very difficult, you'll have to find a very sympathetic boss to make that work. Most long term guard members work in government/police for that reason - it's much harder for your boss to fire you for missing work to go play guardsman if you work as a public servant in some capacity. Private companies have no such restrictions.
  5. This chart would appear to be the reason why it's so difficult and expensive for pilots to purchase life insurance. You can have pretty much any other job and USAA will insure you but pilots they want nothing to do with.
  6. Residence in PA doesn't matter for your driver license. I had a PA license when I joined the army and 20 years later had the exact same license - which drove everyone nuts because it looked like I was driving around with a license that expired in 1995. PA law treats it as a valid license though not all states are like that, but man was it fun seeing the look on MP's faces when they looked at it LOL.
  7. Get a turban and tell them your religion requires it. Then you can join the army and have a beard forever.
  8. I honestly can't remember meeting anyone in a staff job who wouldn't have rather been down in a company flying. Endless meetings and never ending powerpoint delight nobody.
  9. Commanders can waive pretty much everything, if there's no hours available there's not much you can do. By the way, those staff dirtbags would much rather be out flying than making powerpoints.
  10. Can you narrow down your search to a specific part of the country? I know folks who've gone to Kansas State and graduated with a degree, over 1000 hours in fixed and rotary wing, and FAA ratings up to CFII, all paid for by our Uncle. Probably could add on some UAV time there too since they've added that to their curriculum. To me, looking at it as a vet, that's the best case scenario for someone like you, but it would require the fortitude to move to Salinas KS and stick to their program for the next 4 years.
  11. I logged sim since it was required in the 64 for my semi-annual minimums and the old CMS was a full motion sim. When I applied to a civvie flying job they told me they'd let me use 100 hours of sim towards the hiring minimums which I had way more time than anyway. To my knowledge there isn't an industry standard as to how civilians regard military simulator time, I'd recommend you log it and let the company see how they want to handle it. Even the most ardent sim pilot won't have more than 200-300 hours to worry about so your real aircraft hours will dwarf sim hours.
  12. Are you talking about preference as in Veteran's Preference points? Or are you just speaking in terms of reputation or cool points for hiring preference? Veteran's Preference depends on your type and quantity of service but can be a huge advantage for vets seeking gov't jobs. Otherwise your service can net you a job easily if you can network network network with the right folks (non-competitive veterans hiring and all that fun stuff).
  13. Agree with Kona, but your chances will definitely go up if you're enlisted in one of the few states that has a variety of airframes such as CA, TX or PA. Much easier to make the swap if you stay in-state.
  14. Other than the rampant terrorist activity in the Sinai? Some folks like Egypt, for most it's just another year apart from their family. As long as you're flying it's all cool in my book.
  15. Normally, downwind landings are frowned upon because you can run out of power in a single or a heavily loaded twin and then get into an over torque situation or a crash. Also, if landing in dusty conditions as we do in the desert then the dust cloud will roll along in front of you and obscure your view of the ground - if you land into the wind the dust will normally stay behind you enough to let you land.
  16. Check out the Transformer films, they worked with the military directly during filming, in fact the Blackhawks at the end of the first Transformer film were from the AVCO at Fort Irwin and some of the AVCO troops are in the movie.
  17. I did 4 years in the Guard, the rest AD. Being Guard was much harder than being active. Most civilian jobs want nothing to do with aviators, government jobs are a lot more secure but still can create issues. Many of my warrants were HEMS pilots and had to miss drill weekends for work. If your commander has a problem with you missing drill that creates friction. Plus the whole retirement pay delayed until age 60 is total BS. I suppose if you are self-employed that would be a good way to go.
  18. With all the budget cuts, I doubt there will be a replacement. If they had started in 2005 there would've been plenty of funds.
  19. Lots of units violate the uniform policy when new stuff comes out - Sergeant Major needs to have something to bitch about.
  20. It would be a PCS OER. Or maybe they'll leave it as unrated since you're going over to the dark side and nobody will care what you did as an RLO ever again. Complete the record OERs are only done just prior to your promotion boards, they are optional, and they are always ACOM as a way for your senior rater to let the board know that he thinks you really deserve to get promoted.
  21. Mine mysteriously started 7 months early, I never inquired why - I just assumed it was a bonus for being such a bada$$ apache pilot.
  22. This is good to know, I may have to look into buying one of these. We have a local mechanic who works on Enstroms so it'd be easy to keep flying.
  23. IP tends to be a more strenuous process, as it should be. You'll have to impress your unit and be consistent in your aviating. TACOPS is pretty easy to get in comparison, and can be a stepping stone to another track. Generally, try to track as early as you can in your career. Going to Korea might help kickstart the process.
  24. AV Branch usually pushes active duty CPT's into the 60, since it's a simpler aircraft to learn than the 64 (or 58 used to be).
  25. Guys, there's really no gray area here. As mentioned above, this is prohibited - but happens often because aviation is awesome and we want to show others how cool we are. AWR's apply to civilian aircraft under the FAA rules, such as the Lakota. Army aircraft like the 64, 60, 47, don't fall under the AWR rule, but they fall under army regs which do not allow GoPro's or other cameras. Do yourself a favor and be smart about using cameras in flight. If you're in a mishap and there's a camera on your helmet, you can bet your chain of command will roast you for it. That's what they get paid to do.
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