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  1. It's 10 years once you graduate flight school. So you're looking at 12 years in the Army. Go spaceforce!😁
  2. With your experience... Go to the airlines, you will thank me later!
  3. I had one at 33... They need people so bad, it would get signed! I would do reserve or Guard... do not come active!
  4. You won't fly much either way in the Army.... mostly just do your side job(s)! I flew about 6 or 7 times per month more as a professional civilian pilot.
  5. I would just go fixed wing... you will let the Army pay for helo training. I was a high time fixed wing guy going in and the transition was pretty easy.
  6. I went when I was 33... you learn how to humble yourself!
  7. HA, I was a stingray guy as well.... it's a good flight to be in. You have to relax in your sitting position as well. I had my legs resting against the sides of the cockpit so I'm not holding them up. Use a light 3 finger grip and don't move your arm, just wrist. Try not to look out the chin bubble while hovering... until you get better and then you can challenge your IP who can stay in one place.
  8. It's not to bad... I hear the LUH won't start until next Oct and it will be a few year transition. So, some classes might get the 67 still and others the LUH. What does suck, there is a long bubble for Primary... 3-4 months.
  9. I don't think any EP's helped with this situation... the dudes just hung on and road the pony. Face it, some pilots can crash better than others!
  10. Great CAV video... being at Rucker it's sad to hear of all the 58 stories.
  11. If it helps, I was in basic at the 6 month mark of starting the process... Also with age waiver. Good luck!
  12. Nice, I'm with my wife until tomorrow afternoon, but we all should meet up for dinner tomorrow evening.
  13. Heck ya, basic would have been better if all the high school kids didn't show up! Lol. I made it though and made the best of it... I was the grandpa of the bunch! I'm at Rucker now and will be checking in Monday morning, let the fun begin... Again!
  14. Is there anyone here at Rucker yet for next week class? That has checked in... Street to seat?
  15. I'll just wear acu's then... Fort Jackson didn't know what to tell me since I'm the only street to seat they have seen in a long while. Do they usually give weekend passes? My wife is still here with me and need to get her to the airport somehow...
  16. Does anyone know if we are required to wear class b uniform to in-process? I'm coming form basic...
  17. I'm going to wocs next week at 33... And an age waiver.
  18. I'll be with you all on Friday ! My wife and I are driving from Jackson. Basic kinda sucked, mostly because of to many 18 year olds... And no outside contact.
  19. I'm shipping for basic Monday headed to Jackson , then Oct Wocs... See ya there!
  20. Past life time ! Lol Curious how my fixed wing experience converts to whirly birds...
  21. Yamer, Did you start Bolc yet? Is sear part of it?
  22. Any word on the UH-72 initial training? I should be hitting the flight training line around FEB or so. I'm curious who the test students will be... I have plenty of twin turbine time, would be fun to be the test dummy. One week to ship... anyone else excited to get the party started?
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