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  1. Question... any of you who shipped for basic, did you have to do another full PT 2-2-2, or a PFA 1-1-1 before shipping?
  2. Good luck guys on the board! I leave end of next week for basic... Bolc seems like a long time away for me ! Lol
  3. It seems the slots for fy15 will be few compared to the past.
  4. I ship shortly, but I quit my job and took a vacation with the family, actually to Rucker and the beach. My wife and I do PT every morning during the week and then take the kids to the pool. I would say relax, PT, and enjoy your personal time. I'm new to the military ,but not to aviation... so I have been going over refreshing airspace, helicopter stuff, and basic aviation topics that I have forgotten over the years. I'm surly looking forward to the adventure myself and have aspirations for the 160th, but one step at a time.
  5. I can tell you from the civilian side the grass is not always greener.... and I have had some cushy jobs.
  6. So, what's the best duty for a new guy? I'm good at the fridge stuff, did that in corporate flying. Nvg would seem okay...
  7. I guess that is why people say if you want flight time, go to the airlines... If you want to look at helicopters, go to the Army! something like that...
  8. Then the question comes, why is the Army even training new pilots ? They shut down Ocs... I'd assume they would do the same for Woft considering the circumstances. What kind of qualifications are they looking for to transition?
  9. Aviation is all about timing... I do hope with retirements and folks who want to get out make space for guys who want to stay in and retire themselves. I wonder what the game will look like in the next 10 years...?
  10. Crazy.... I guess they will boot some guys.
  11. Anyone going to Jackson for basic in Mid July?
  12. Congrats... Above the Average of selected folks in May.
  13. Hey guys, I guess I'll be in with ya on OCT2... Do you all have a facebook group?
  14. Congrats... anyone else get their dates yet?
  15. Blackhawk, I'm guessing the Pt got you... Get it up and find a CW letter , then you have a much better chance. Personally, I put a lot of time in my packet, but most of the effort went into the Pt.
  16. AGE: 33 (Waiver Granted) Asvab: 90/125GT Sift: 57 APFT: 290 Education: BS Aviation 3.51 Flight Exp: ATP fixed wing 6500+ hrs. Board: 74/75 LOR's: Air force 2LT Pilot/ Chief Pilot (Job)/ Army Chief of Staff(less personal than the others) / CW4 current Black Hawk pilot. Selected: May 2014 Civilian Select Started the Process in Jan 2014 and made it to the May board...
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