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  1. Seems like a lot of AD folks applied! Guys, don't give up
  2. Heinisch, So sorry brother! Do you have any stats for AD guys?
  3. Ya, I got in... A lot to do with this forum which made it possible!
  4. You're young, At 21, get that PT up around 280 and that will help! Also, work on finding a CW4 or 5 for an LOR.
  5. Hauslp, Sorry man... What were your stats?
  6. Sorry bro... I would get your Pt up above a 270. You can try again, right? Heck, you are 28... Plenty of time. Don't give up, and go get a little flight time.
  7. List is out from what my recruiter just told me, but battalion has to call ... Recruiter can't tell me. Crazy
  8. Hoping the rest of us will find out soon...
  9. Congrats on the selection and early info! lol I tried to use my inside sources, but it was to early in the day...
  10. I think you're right... Your local battalion should know sometime Friday.
  11. I was told the list will come out Friday...
  12. nada...I tried to get some info and was told the list will come out Friday.
  13. That sucks this far in... They can always find something wrong if that is their goal--- on any of us! I wish you the best though!
  14. Where are you in training? Interesting it would be caught this far in the game...
  15. Your run was good! You can build the others pretty quick... Good thing about Pt is you can do it again!
  16. What was the break down? Run, push-ups, sit-ups ?
  17. I'm assuming civil dudes and gals will find out later today or tomorrow...
  18. I guess today the board starts.... Good luck everyone!
  19. I wonder how many will be in this board... AD? Civil?
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