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  1. Na, crappy thing is the older you get, the harder it is to stay in shape. Firepilot, actually you and I are pretty close in stats... I have you by a year or so!
  2. Not bad, I'm running around that time and scored a 290 on my pt. Funny though, I get a better pace towards the end. I think mine was 13:42...
  3. Monday... Was told I should know by Wed.
  4. Assume you are still waiting? If I were in your spot... limitations and memory items!
  5. So , what are you all doing to keep your mind off the boards ... Trying no to think about it, but hard to do this close.
  6. Age waiver approved... Took only a couple of weeks. Good luck guys, hopefully we'll be hanging out soon at basic. I'll probably get the nickname of Grandpa pretty quickly!
  7. Age is against me at 33, but I got the recommendation from Rucker on that. Age 33 90/125gt 57 sift 290 Pt Board 74/75 Clean flight physical Bs in aviation 3.5 gpa 6700 hrs flight time Atp pilot fixed wing Lors: cw4, chief pilot, airforce o4 pilot, chief of staff army.
  8. Army is huge on Pt... Almost seems an average applicant with high Pt is on the top of the pile. Blackhawk, as long as you improve... That shows you are not lazy! Basic will get your pt up even higher.
  9. Blackhawk... Did you re-do the Pt to up your score? Never mind ... 255
  10. Sounds like Jan board numbers to me... First time I heard about a march board, I'll ask my contact at Usarec for curiosity. Btw, the board starts Monday ... Being anxious is an understatement !
  11. March board .... News to me. I started working out last December and was out of shape, but I worked my butt off and scored a 290, plus I'm older at 33. It takes 100% dedication to make the board and prove that you won't give up. I'm up for the May board with an age waiver.
  12. You will have to start at the bottom... but at least you can use your GI to pay for some of it!
  13. Hopefully it won't take long.. mine was back the same day.
  14. I would call a FSDO and ask them... it seems they always have ex-army guys working there. They might just want some paper work on the checkride completion and it looks you should be good to go.
  15. What kind of Moral waiver did you have? If you don't mind... Disregard, saw your post a couple pages back.
  16. I'm with you... I have an age waiver in process now, but have not heard on the final outcome. Did anyone here get an approved moral waiver ?
  17. Couple of weeks from today... some of us might know our fate! Good luck all...
  18. Mine was hard and I studied... Hidden Figures They did not stand out like in the study guides, but I'm sure there are different test versions.
  19. I just want to scope out the area mainly for the family... Housing, etc... After Rucker, plan on taking the kids to the beach. I've been to Fort Sill on my own without issue... Just show a drivers license, not even asked a question, kind of shocked me!
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