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  1. My date for wocs is 8aug15 pretty crazy but the pilots in my unit are gonna get me ready academically and ill use this time to really focus on pt
  2. AGE: 23 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 96/ 133 SIFT: 69 APFT:253 EDUCATION: AAS, FAA Airframe & power plant license FLIGHT: 0 behind the sticks, UH60M crew dog with ~ 100 hours BOARD: July 2014 LORS: Bn Cmd Co Cmd Cw5 stands OTHER INFO: AD SELECTED: July 2014
  3. Selected. Im so excited. Its good news to get on this jrtc rotation haha
  4. Where did you see the civilian warrant message at guys?
  5. Im in on this board as well. I know they are filling 52 seats this round. Dont know if that just ad or a mix of ad and civ though. Hopefully I get selected for one. We just flew into ft Polk for jrtc but ill be keeping a close watch on my phone Anybody know if AD get phone calls as well?
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