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  1. MILPER is out! I wasn't selected. Next board... Congrats to those selected!!!
  2. The last board it was released the following Monday. Previous boards it was released the Thursday or Friday the week of the board.
  3. ***This is not an official product from USAREC*** Wasn't much going on at work so I gathered some data from the previous MILPER messages for active duty applicants. I wish I had the selects stats.Take it for what it's worth. Selection_Analysis.ppt
  4. Good luck everyone. Finally got the word that my packet is board ready. Age: 30 GT: 110 SIFT: 52 APFT: 276 Education: AAS Healthcare Management BBA/IT Management 118/121 completed Flight exp: None Waivers: Thought I needed a tattoo waiver but didn't. Missed out on the July board because of it... AD USAF 10 years in. LORS: Lt Col Squadron CC, Maj former Flt CC, Capt former supervisor, GS-12 current Flt Chief, and CW4 UH-60 SP
  5. Was told that my tattoo waiver is at DA G1... 😶
  6. I had to request a tattoo waiver. Waiting to hear back...
  7. Scored a 52 today. Is anyone down in the San Antonio area?
  8. Finally received my conditional release letter today. Next task is the SIFT at Ft Sam on 12 May.
  9. Hello All, I've been lurking on the site for a while. I'm putting together a packet to meet the board this summer. Regarding the conditional release I'm not sure what date to select for the separation date. Please advise.
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