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  1. Welcome to the hughes tail rotor and horizontal stab. A right quartering tail wind will scoop under the horizontal stab and give you a fun ride especially if its a strong wind. Same thing goes for the 300
  2. At least $100/hr which includes all time spent thinking about how screwed you are going to be if you dont throughly inspect the install and are confident everything is up to snuff.. The more complex the stc the more $$. Reality is I dont like doing this type of stuff.. (Someone else does the work all we want is your signature). You are trusting someone you dont work with and dont know very well.
  3. he doesn't want to know anything... he is telling us his opinion of getting an add-on... and wants to buy a heli to do it in... but didn't know going in that he would be getting the a.. reaming with it.
  4. Yes, You are correct. It is merely showing where max power may be based on altitude and temperature. In the earlier 269B it didn't have a variable manifold pressure placard so 26.1" was max power... on a hot day or cold day. The MP limit was established for sea level pressure 59 deg F. Obviously when it is hot outside there is a penality compared to the C model which allows you to pull up to 27.2 on that hot day.
  5. I wonder what constitutes "good pay".... should probabally start a poll. I'm going to throw out "good pay" starts at $80k. I'm downgrading that for what I think good pay is.... I'd personally say good starts over $120k... but who am I kidding... I wouldn't work 40 hrs a week for less than $200k
  6. oh yeah... do it all the time. Just a minor rerig of the collective and overclock the cyclic to 150%. From my Robbie Ranger life story: "Hey ladies, I just got back from a really dangerous cross country training flight. There I was, upside down in a cumulonimbus when the engine quit. For a moment I thought I was going to die but since I'm a better stick than my instructor, I said "Listen loser, I am god's gift to aviation, hand over the controls and I'll salvage this." I entered an inverted autorotation and did a split S."
  7. have all those parts cept the tail rotor drive shaft. Contact me.
  8. If you ask him to stop flying over "your" property you will sound like the biggest AHOLE ever and the guy will try to apologize but will keep flying over. You should have bought more land.
  9. You ARE a NIMBY!! And from the sounds of it the worst kind.... JEALOUS! Do you feel you are being disrespectful when you drive down the road? What exactly are you complaining about here? That your rich neighbor gets to fly around in his helicopter.... oh that's rich... You seem to be looking for a reason to complain to him because you don't like what he gets to do or how he does it. Why don't you just tell us your address?
  10. not a new idea or different. If you want to be a pilot focus on that first and foremost. Becoming an A&P is a great trade and skill but it will rarely transition into a pilot job. If anything I would suggest starting your pilot training and working on the side with a heli op as an apprentice as no formal school is required to aquire the a&p. That way you can learn about helicopters, get paid and continue to work on your goal of piloting.
  11. Sign of the times.. 315 dual for a 22. 420 for a 300....550 for a 44. That is current posted price this week here in so cal. The new standard. I see Colorado prices are on par too. So $360 is right in there.
  12. Are you speaking from experience flying pig? While anything other than r22 experience can be viewed as non traditional, I think the cabri may bring a breath of fresh air to the training market here in the states... Even the new Enstrom trainer.... As the r22 has numerous issues as a primary trainer. Still most schools use the r22 and your best odds are with it. I don't seem to find a disproportionate number of unemployed cfi's who used the 300 or any other primary trainer. Who knows.. Many other schools may pick up the cabri and your skills could be useful in it.
  13. Welcome George and its fun to read these old threads. Yes, if you are flying around light and not pulling alot of power 10 gph is typical in the 300C. Flight training with two on board and alot of hovering maneuvers we plan for 12 gph but it is usually slightly less. When I am crop dusting in the 300 it is more like 14-15. Good idea on extra lube for the rotor head... those dang flapping bearings wear too often. Also I really liked that the military put zerks on the droop stop ring allowing extra lube there more often as i've seen a fair ammount of pitting on the components from lack of lu
  14. just heard this weekend that PJ's leases their 300C to someone in town for flight training.
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