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  1. Our company is considering the purchase of a new 407 gxi and we are trying to gather information about the IFR options. Seems like a well worth it add on to have the capability, but we would love some first hand experience if anyone has any to share. Does anyone know the approximate cost of the IFR upgrade/mods? We've see the work done by Sureflight on YouTube and it looks like a pretty nice setup. The fixed wing side of our operations has been running SE IFR ops for years but this would potentially be a new area for us to be running SE IFR in the heli's. Any advice on this type of operation from those who have flown SE IFR heli ops? Appreciate any knowledge you'd be willing to pass along.
  2. I'm going to keep lurking and follow the other reviews. I'm using an Evo 250 with the Bose earcups and like it well enough but it seems bulky. And I'm not impressed at all with how they attached the earcups inside the helmet. Would love to hear more about the Aspida and like PRJ said, tell us a price! Also, if weight is a huge issue then the Northwall would be the winner at least by looking on the surface. Website says it's 1.6lbs without comms. That's crazy! Love to hear an actual real word review of this one as well. Sorry I don't have more to add!
  3. Thanks for all the info guys! I appreciate hearing the real world experience.
  4. Thanks for the information! Any info about what kind of performance boost you may get with the IBF? Looks like it would save a bit of weight but not sure if we would see a performance boost beyond that. We are not in a super dusty environment (Papua New Guinea) but pretty much all of our landings are off airport. Always a bit of dust kicked up.
  5. Anyone have any experience using barrier filters on Longrangers? Or any helicopter really. It is worth the huge price tag to switch over from the particle separators? Any info would help!
  6. The 407 cabin is a bit wider and bigger overall. At least that's what it says on paper. Our only concern is that on the 407 there is an "arm rest" kind of box thing between the rear facing seats. After some digging we found that this is actually part of the forward fuel cell and is structural. It would be really nice to be able to put two fuel drums inside like we can do on the L3 but I'm not sure it's a deal breaker.
  7. Does anyone happen to know if you can fit fuel drums inside of a 407 cabin? We can in in the L-3 and are curious if the same is possible if we were ever to upgrade to a 407. Also, if anyone has a detailed picture of internal cabin dimensions that would be handy as well. Thanks
  8. Thank you for the images and video, this makes sense to me.
  9. I'm probably opening a can of worms but I'll still ask. The mast bumping discussion came back up in the office the other day and it's got me curious. Are there any design differences in Bell Helicopters that contribute to fewer mast bumping occurrences in recent history (post the army releasing their training video)?
  10. Thanks all so far! I appreciate the personal expierences that you have shared. I am looking very forward to this opportunity. I want to get as much out of it as possible because my organization is making a significant investment for me to go and attend the course.
  11. When I do make the drive, where should I go? I love trying new places!
  12. Hey guys, I am going to be transitioning into the L3 in the next couple of months and am curious if anyone knows of any online resources that I could use to start building up my general knowledge of the aircraft. I am headed to Bell school in the middle of October and would prefer not to like an idiot when class starts! Any suggestions of resources would be appreciated! Thanks in advance
  13. This seems like a good option to have as a back up. Thank you for the suggestion.
  14. I'm seeing new AI's going for 2-3k. This is not even close to an IFR ship, we just want a back up.
  15. We recently had our gyro-stabilized attitude indicator die in our R44, and we are looking for a replacement. I'd like to go the digital route, because we do ag work and the flying is not easy on the gyros. Any thoughts or experience on the digital attitude indicators? In looking around the Sandia 340 Quattro caught my eye. For the money it seems like it would be a good replacement. Does anyone have any experience with this brand of avionics?
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