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  1. Start networking. Look up an aviation unit at your nearest Army base and express your interest and where you are at in the process. You should be able to find someone thats willing to talk to you and give you advice. You would be amazed at the tips you can get from just talking to pilots. Get their email and keep in touch with them throughout the process. Just putting your name out there can also help.
  2. I live in Illinois, my guard recruiter claimed that they IL National Guard does pay 100% tuition seperate from the GI Bill. He said I would get 100% tuition plus $375 a month for being a student. Honestly the one weekend a month is my least favorite thing about it. I always pictured my military service as full time.
  3. Thanks for that great advice. I understand that my stats are very far from perfect. I understand that the chances of me getting accepted are very slim to none. My plan if I am not accepted out of high school, I will join the national guard and attend my local university and obtain a 4 year bachelor degree in aviation maintenance, specializing in helicopters. With the remaining two years of my commitment to the guard I will use my GI bill to attend a flight school to get my CFII. After completing college and obtaining my pilots license. I will be far more competitive than I am now. Thank you Ardo for that advice, I really needed a plan of attack. With that being said, can you guys answer the questions I have asked?
  4. I played football from 6th to 9th grade. I wrestled my freshman and sophomore year. I wrestled varsity my freshman year. I've been in FBLA all four years of high school. I was in varsity club my freshman year. All throughout my high school career I've held 2 jobs and 3 jobs during the summers. I began taking rotary wing flight lessons last fall. I don't have my PPL I've just been taking one every time I can save up.
  5. I have spoke to my recruiter. They gave me a practice asvab test and I didn't do that great. They said that they couldn't give me any of the forms until I turn 18. Right now I'm working on as much as I can like studying for the asvab and sift, meeting contacts for LORs, fitness, and my essay. I understand that my chances of getting accepted are slim. I would just like to take the opportunity since its the first one ill get. If I'm not accepted I plan on joining the guard and getting my degree, once my commitment is up I will re apply to active army WOFT.
  6. I know these questions have probably been answered before on another thread out there but I need some information as soon as possible. Here's a little background. Currently a senior in high school, graduation date in December. 17 years old, birthday is February 7th. Planning on applying through high school to flight school. How long do LORs last before they expire? Do they expire? I've met with two CW4s (one ret.), Army Captain (ret.), and my state representative. They all agreed to write me an LOR in the future. Are these solid LOR's? Am I able to obtain the form now or do I need to wait until I turn 18? My GPA is pretty low. Its a 2.5. Truth is I always flew under the radar with Bs and Cs and a D here and there. How do I justify this before the board? How bad is that? How do I compose my essay? Some of the warrant officers I talked to said that they mostly just listed their achievements and what they have done to prepare themselves for the program while others took a very patriotic standpoint. I consider myself to be very patriotic, I come from a large military background. Is there any way I could see some essays that others have wrote just to get an idea of it? Many thanks.
  7. So why are there such a large percentage of inter-service aviators?
  8. These guys were at the airport I work at (So IL). They just got off deployment and we're flying from Ft. Bliss to Ft. Drum.
  9. Hey guys, I was talking to some WOs and they said there's roughly a 70%/30% split between interservice and civilian selects. Why are there so many more interservice than civilians? Do they favor military experience?
  10. I'm going to give it my all whenever I graduate high school, if I'm not accepted I'll probably join the reserves and get my college degree (aviation maintenance) then apply again once my commitment is up. The WOs I was talking to said there's about a 70%/30% split between inter-service and civilian. Is this because they look for more inter-service members or is there just more inter-service members applying than civilians?
  11. I plan on doing some community service this summer, 75 hours is required for me to graduate early for High school. How many LORs can I have in my packet? Would it be better to have a CW5 or 4 or someone like my state rep.? Right now I have a 3.4 or 3.5 GPA. How far will that set me back from other applicants?
  12. Thanks guys. I'll be sure to take a trip over to my nearest recruiting station and get the forms. I've started contacting WOs and setting up interviews at my local CAB (Fort Campbell) to get advice. As luck would have it, I got hired at my local airport a few weeks ago and there was two Kiowa Ds that stopped in last night! I got to talk to all the pilots. Super great guys!
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