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  1. Probably some grammatical error. It's definetly the list
  2. I think helicopters are thought about a lot more then you think. The entire Iraq war changed because of IEDs..hell my entire AVIATION battalion (non flight personnel) convoyed into Iraq. The thought of that nowadays is crazy, flying troops around the battlefield has become a staple of troop movement and will continue regardless of the next conflict I feel. In big army I did 6+ hours of ring routes including Joe Schmo who was going on R&R, and I was glad I was doing it so that this guy didn't have to convoy to try and see his family and an IED take him out.
  3. http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant Board schedule is on the left
  4. agreed, the tan 2 piece was the best uniform in army aviation (close second the ABDUs)
  5. We used it in Iraq, you don't lug anything around the unit was hard mounted on a tray in between the CE seats, the cords run out to you. Doing ring routes in Iraq it was a luxury as only a few of the aircraft had them
  6. They are in the unit already...(pilots) Already for years have had support MOS (FLT Ops, S shops) females serving.
  7. Sounds like perhaps your PT didn't get updated or like Lindsey said your LORs weren't that good....don't know man but I honestly would avoid commissioned officers for LORs, not taking anything away from then as aviators or officers, just I would think a CW4/5 LOR holds more weight over a MAJ/LTC.
  8. Yea, I put ASAP and got Oct (selected Jan) so that has no bearing on when you actually are scheduled
  9. Once your selected you are at the mercy of whoever assigns class dates (AD that is). At first I was kinda pissed but it allowed me to do one more deployment (60 days) and take the stress out of selling my house (to a point).
  10. I have no idea honestly, if I were to guess the Army realizes an inter-service pilot probably will be closer or over the 10 year mark when done with their initial 6 year commitment. Means they haven't spent all this money training you for you to decide to leave after 6 years (not saying it doesn't happen).
  11. exactly this I was a Jan selectee AD and don't start class until Oct 28
  12. Aviators are not on jump status in 160th, hell neither are crew chiefs...your job is flying too much $ is invested in you.
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