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  1. Have any civilian selectees found out their dates yet?
  2. I think there was just double the applicants which made it drop. It looks like they are picking up right around 13 applicants per board.
  3. The may board will start the 12th so you would probably find out on the 15th. There was no board for woft applicants in march so this should be your first real look to get selected or not. And as far as pt scores being "flubbed" or "fabricated" I highly doubt it. How hard have you worked in the past 6 weeks to bring your score up 57 points? If you keep it up for another six weeks you might be in the 290 range. Everyone is fighting tooth and nail to get selected for woft, most aren't going to let being 'out of shape' get in the way of that goal. There are tons of variables for a woft packet that are uncontrollable but having a high pt score is one you can.
  4. Ya it blows but oh well I guess its just going to take me longer than expected and ill have to figure out whether to enlist or wait a little and finish my degree. I'm surprised that they aren't excepting any moral waivers all of a sudden after being short applicants the last few boards.
  5. Well I just found out my fate a couple of hours ago....After being told my packet was all set and ready to go I was called in to my recruiting station and told that my Moral Waiver was rejected so now I'm in the same boat as ShaneWey and Delta. Caught me extremely off guard and feel extremely disappointed right now. I really wasn't expecting this at all
  6. ShaneWey who told you that USAREC isn't accepting moral waivers right now? I had a minor in consumption but was told that my packet is board ready for May. I'm going to call back Monday to double check though.
  7. Ya it looks like last years May board had a lot of September ship dates with some even as early as July.
  8. Ya seriously, about four more weeks! I'm thinkin a September or November date.
  9. Ya AD does select reserve. A recruiter in the station I'm going through was picked up in January and selected reserve. That's why I had the question and didn't understand, idk why it's different for AD and civilian.
  10. Okay thanks, that's a huge stress relief ha, I didn't want to get shut down over something little like that
  11. For those on the civilian side what did you check your DA 61 as? Active army or Army reserve? My recruiter and battalion keep telling me to do active army and won't let me change it although I'm pretty sure it has to be army reserve.
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