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  1. I tried it a few months ago. I wasn't particularily impressed with it. The adjustable strap seemed like a good idea, but I could not get it to be comfortable at all. I currently fly a HGU-84, and previously had a Gallet and both were more comfortable than the paraclete. I really loved the chin strap latch system..I'd buy that in a heartbeat if they sold it separately. Helmets are such a personal item, I almost hate to give a recommendation...your mileage might vary!
  2. If you are looking for a helmet to save your life in a crash, please stay away from something found in a surplus store. There are good used helmets out there that you can pick up and have refurbished and tested for a reasonable price. To expect something out of an Army/Navy store to protect you in an accident is asking for trouble.
  3. Hey Stan, I've been watching your videos for a while...very cool helicopter. Not sure if you saw it, but a Helicycle made an emergency landing in Mesa today..helo is damaged but the pilot walked away. Ryan
  4. I think these are the type of questions that you should answer for yourself before the interview and be honest with the interviewer. I would want to see someone who has thought about their career path, why they would like to work for company X ( do a little research on the company you are applying for and that will help you answer this question) and why they are the best candidate. I don't think there is any particualr "right" answer for those questions...only the answer you come up with and can articulate...that's how they get to know you.
  5. "I don't know what you mean by the commercially rated compensation question. The person agreeing to pay $325/hr will be accompanied by most likely myself, not a rotary wing CFI, but Comm/Instr rotary with over 1,000 hours in JetRangers." Aeroscout, What some of the guys are getting at, is that you are trying to take advantage of somebody that "needs" flight time, to accomplish a business function for your aircraft. If I owned a yacht (I don't) and needed it moved from Florida to Texas, and you were a qualified yacht captain, would you be willing to pay me $500.00 per day for the chance to log a little time behind the wheel? Of course not, you would charge me for your services, and I should be willing to pay you for those services...such is the cost of doing business. Ryan
  6. My only critique is purely nit-picky, but CFI actually stands for "Certificated Flight Insructor." The FAA does not "Certify" flight instructors per se. Ryan
  7. I love the otterbox for the iPad... I picked it up from amazon for about 55 bucks... I purchased the iPad on Friday and brought it directly home and put it inside... The otter box doesn't have a hard plastic screen cover like the iPhone does, but it does come with a screen protector film that is kind of a pain to put on. Ryan
  8. Does anybody know if the ram mount works if the iPad is in an otter box?
  9. I'll second the recommendation of Logbook Pro...I've used it for a few years now with no complaints.. Ryan
  10. I didn't make it by VR..but I was around..Either at our helicopter at the FLIR booth. Our whole unit was there...You probably saw me walking around at one point or another...We were wearing flight suits on one day...I hate finding out after the fact that so many folks were there....I should have planned better!
  11. Hey DP, since your a photo guy like me, I thought you would appreciate this...we had a professional photographer come out and take some photos for the unit...plus its EC-120 stuff! http://focalplaneimagery.smugmug.com/Law-E...796255781_FX9TF
  12. Goldy, I re read and saw that you were there too.....rats maybe next year....I actually may be in SOCAL in a month or two...I'll let ya know! Ryan
  13. Hey Mechanic...thanks for posting...the EC-120 in your first pic is my daily trusty steed! DP, I didn't know you were going to be there, I'd have bought you a beer!
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