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  1. Hey Patrik, You answered my questions in your first response. I'm on the other side of the country, but thanks for the information. -PK
  2. Hi Patrik, Can you tell us where you are hoping to keep this helicopter? Also, what kind of Helicopter are you looking at? Thanks, -PK
  3. Regarding the OP, there might be some hybrid solution that works as well. I have found that a little flexibility and creativity can go a long way. Helicopter: First, from the early responses, and my friends who fly professionally (utility, tours, ems…), "turbine" time in something like the XET is not more valuable than piston time in anything else that size. With that said, a used Hiller or Brantley can be had for ~$50k-$60k. It seems to me that having 2 seats is more important for this venture than a turbine, see below. Time Building: There are multiple ways to donate time as a pilot, especially with your own helicopter. The Coast Guard Auxiliary is always looking for pilots or pilots with aircraft: 200 hours - SIC, 500 hours - PIC. It would seem to me that a program like this, which also gives mission training, could change the perception of your "free-wheeling" time into real time. Fo this, you would often be carrying a second pilot or observer. http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=R-DEPT&category=air Taking some additional courses might help as well; Touch Down Autos, Factory Training... Another way this person could improve their skill and also become known as a good candidate is to offer rides to other pilots in the industry they are interested in. It sounds childish to say that, but what I mean is that having a constant push for improvement, and becoming known as a dedicated pilot/learner gives a leg up in getting hired. Like any other industry, pro-activity and networking are extremely important. I was lucky enough to grow up around helicopters and planes, and the input from those pilots has been invaluable in my own flying. As I am not a hiring manager in this industry, what I have said above is speculation, and I don't intend it to be otherwise. I also don't mean to say that I think it's easy to do it the "non-traditional" way. -PK
  4. AngelFire_91, At first, I was going to say "try right clicking it" but thankfully, I went to confirm before I wrote. Problem: The links are in javascript, not HTML, so your mouse doesn't react the same way. This seems to be an issue that has existed for a long time with javascript pages. I looked through the site's code and saw that the link is associated with the title of the job: example: Rotor Wing Pilot (IFR) or Director of Operations... Solution: So, if you right-click on the title of each job, your normal menu will open and you can choose to open in a new tab. I hope that helps, -PK
  5. Hello VR, This is my first forum post, so I hate to disagree with the consensus, but I find the new site more navigable. I appreciate that each job is more discretely presented, it makes differentiation between jobs easier. Thanks!
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