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  1. ...A rated Army Aviator isn't 'worth your time', yet you're applying to be one? Very interesting outlook guy, way to make an ass out of yourself on a public forum. Just calm your tits and focus on actually getting selected. Side note; if you actually make it here lemme be your wingman so I can get a laugh when all the CW5/COL's daughters laugh in your face when you tell them you're a mighty 67/72 "pilot".
  2. Ya she's not that bright. And prolly drunk. Doesn't make me feel comfy
  3. Dude congrats! Another convert from the 6C0X1 community. Good luck with your training! PM me if you have any questions!
  4. Yeah man I completely understand WHY you're choosing not to talk about. I absolutely agree with that. What confused me was that you felt the need to tell us that you know something we don't. Anyway, hope those involved have a speedy recovery. Looks like they stuck the landing and split the skids pretty well before rolling and of course the tail boom deciding to turn into an accordion. Curious to hear first hand accounts of the auto.
  5. ...ok? Why is that relevant if you can't/won't say anything right now?
  6. Ya that's the one drawback for me, the price. I recommend checking out MINUS33. They're another great wool company; I have 5 of their sand colored tees and some underwear from them. VERY comfortable and well made. They will make you a pro-deal account if you email them a request from your mil.mail.
  7. As ambiguous as it is, the FAR doesn't define Total Time since that's mostly an industry standard term taken to mean "Total FLIGHT Time"; so LEGALLY, FAR 61.51( c ) states: "Logging of pilot time. The pilot time described in this section may be used to: ( 1 ) Apply for a certificate or rating issued under this part or a privilege authorized under this part; or ( 2 ) Satisfy the recent flight experience requirements of this part. Additionally, FAR 61.51( g ) and ( h ) allow the use of flight sims and training devices to count for instrument and training time, respectively. IMO, you can log it if it meets the requirements set forth in FAR 61.51( g ) and ( h ) AND your trainer meets the requirements set forth in FAR 60. Finally, the FAR 61 definitions of "Pilot Time" and "Aeronautical Experience" include for the use of sims/flight training devices. I suppose just like most things with your logbook, as long as you can properly explain and justify you're reasoning as backed up by the law; your interrogator shouldn't take issue with it...
  8. Without looking it up, I can almost swear the FAR allows for logging TT in certain certified sims (level d?). I'm sure a resident expert will chime in while I'm researching.
  9. Very interesting, thanks for the insight Mike. That may be an inherit trait of its rigid rotor system. I definitely wanna get behind the wheel of one eventually.
  10. What are your thoughts, Mike? Watching the some of the IPs fly out at Cairns several months ago, it seemed kinda squirrelly close to the ground. Even with SAS??
  11. No, not at all. Wool has come along way, this ain't your granpappy's scratchy wool. As an added bonus merino wool is naturally anti-microbial so no stank foot. Win-win.
  12. I use merino wools ones from FITS SOCKS. Big fan. https://www.fitssock.com/collections/hiking/products/medium-rugged-crew?variant=14981506503
  13. Prolly a standard RAM. Unless one of you saw an exercise FPCON sign on the way in.
  14. It has to do with predictive scripts being run on the forum by IPS, the company that creates this forum protocol. Pretty expensive stuff for such a basic forum. Anyway, ya gotta do it if you don't want you account to lock up.
  15. Ya I was pretty new when it happened. Definitely didn't believe you guys at first lol
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