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  1. Depending on what you fly, I prefer to just use the aircraft lights. Lip light is annoying to get shined in your face when someone forgets to turn it off and turns to look at you. Also a good target to get yourself shot in the face on approach if you find yourself flying in combat. I used a Sietz filtered white finger light for a short period and found it useful for switch identification.
  2. No one really cares which model iPad you use. I personally like having the cell plan on mine, makes it easier to update weather, notams, etc. on the go.
  3. Its not hard at all to keep track of how your peers are doing throughout the course. If they are active they are probably just as curious about your performance as you are about theirs. Once my class finished the pt test and we got our final grades we all posted our GPA on a group chat to see how it stacked up.
  4. If you have time just walk in to any army recruiting station and ask if they can pull your REDD report. Only takes about 2 minutes
  5. I did pubs, super easy. You have to work two days out of the whole course, day one issue and the last week return the pubs.
  6. The two guys that got the echos were two add ins that were from a previous class.
  7. Yesterdays selection COs: 60M - 2 64E - 2 47F - 4 C12 - 2 WOs 64E - 2 60M - 3 47F - 3 C12 - 4 Order for warrants went 47, 2 c12, 47, then 60. I forget the middle but the echos went last. Most people got what they wanted.
  8. I wont be surprised if my class ends up stacked with apaches next because of this. This was the perfect selection for what everyone in my class is hoping for. Oh well, needs of the Army..
  9. I have a couple friends in my class that are living in RVs. The common motivation is that if you set it up correctly, the 18 months you are here for flight school you can use bah to pay off an rv you can take with you. The rv park outside the enterprise gate isnt too bad and I believe it was about $350 a month.
  10. The only block leave is for the holiday season. They are pretty good about letting people go on leave during bubbles though.
  11. First off 90% of what you stated is untrue. The information you posted will only hinder a potential applicant from completing this process. Recruiters/MEPS have zero control over enlistment bonus and incentives, big Army sets policies and bonuses. I promise that no recruiter cares about the Army profiting from an applicant not getting a bonus, sadly the most important thing to a recruiter is putting numbers into the army. Also, you either qualify to receive BAH or you do not, there is no negotiating with a recruiter on this matter. While attending flight school you will be afforded the opportunity to live where you please, as stated above you will temporarily stay in the barracks during certain phases of training. I can kind of understand how you were just trying to be helpful, however this information is far from being accurate.
  12. If you are on active duty and dip into your GI bill, the Army will not pay you bah twice.
  13. We were talking to the student management officer last month and she said that they are going to try and limit the 64 options for the 67 classes. She said something about no NVG time in the 67 but that didnt make much sense to me.
  14. I second living in Bowden Terrace. It makes this whole process a lot more convenient in my opinion. The housing is actually pretty nice for on post as well.
  15. the only one I know is a 47 went first.
  16. Yesterdays selection CO: 60M - 13 64D - 5 64E - 4 47F - 2 WO: 60M - 3 64D - 2 64E - 2 47F - 2
  17. I was about to take the plunge and get this to use over Aero but I may just wait it out if they are giving out the licenses again.
  18. You need to be on a government network for that website to work. If you do not have access to a government network you may have to call the flight clinic and ask them to check for you.
  19. Youll want to report to the bldg listed on your pcs orders in uniform. Im not an RLO but I would take a good guess and say that you will be reporting to D co. Once you report they will most likely refer you to bldg 5700 where you will begin in processing. Your family can do a multitude of small activities the base has to offer (playground, several lakes, pools, nice walking/biking trails). Your days during inprocessing will be very short. It took me roughly three hours to inprocess this post.
  20. Todays 72 selection Lt: 8 60M 4 64D 2 64E 1 47F WO: 9 60M 7 64D 2 64E 2 47F 3 C12
  21. Numbers for the WOs today: 47F 4 C12 5 64E 5ish Forgot the exact number of apaches. C12 went last
  22. I havent heard of anyone going to sere before WOBC. The course is pretty laid back and not difficult at all. Covers some of the same classes you get in WOCS and some basic aviation maintenance and supply, theres an M9 range, and airfield tour. Most days you are out a little early.
  23. Anyone catch the numbers from yesterdays selection?
  24. For civilian applicants you will have to go through all the same steps as a normal enlistment plus the building of your WOFT application. 1.ASVAB & SIFT 2.MEPS physical 3. Flight phys 4. Build enlistment packet (SF86, etc.) 5. Build WOFT packet (LORs, official photo, Resume, essay, DA61, etc.) 6. BN board (at this point your entire packet should be complete and will be reviewed by board members) 7. Packet including results from BN board are sent to USAREC for the selection process. 8. The never ending wait for the selection results (for civilians usually the second or third day of the posted board dates). Steps 4&5 can and should be worked on from the start of the process. That is the order in which they should be accomplished before moving to the next step. Hope that helps
  25. A stamped flight physical is a requirement for your board packet to even get looked at.
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