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  1. Wtf. Not selected once again. Pretty sure it was my inability to retake my pt test while deployed. Awesome! I'm going to submit a wait period exception considering I just completed another deployment, and I have another ncoer to add in addition to basically maxing my pt score. Congratulations again to everyone selected. Enjoy it.
  2. They (AD) won't be released until Friday. Civilian results seem to be mid-week.
  3. Yep, hopefully this week is a good one for everyone. Heck, if nothing else I'm going on leave this coming weekend.
  4. Just shows what we all assumed. They're not gonna allow tattoos if there is even a bit of doubt. Sorry man.
  5. Keep at it, if I'm still not picked up this coming month I'm sure I'll be right there with you.
  6. Today was the last day for corrections/updates, hopefully everyone that's going is gtg!
  7. I would imagine that your resident course would be similar to our WLC/ALC/SLC. The online is probably similar to our SSD (Structured Self Development) courses. If that is the case, you would need the required courses on both sides complete to match up to our WLC requirement. I'm sure someone here knows more on this than I do, I'm merely speculating. My next leadership course would be SLC, so, I'm GTG as far as the short course is concerned.
  8. Agreed, I would think the station commander would sign that for you. On a side note I just sent my new SOU and tattoo memo today. I'm hoping the pool just got that much smaller with the new reg. I have no tattoos, so I'm clean as a whistle. Had I done the sleeves after my last deployment I would have been out of luck.
  9. I doubt that a single LOR would cause you to be a FQ-NS, but that's just my opinion. You already have the required amount I'm assuming, so it's just extra. So, you're in effect just fluffing it up, when it hopefully doesn't need to be. If it's a strong LOR, or your others aren't and it's there to augment, then fine. But having more than the required amount just for the sake of having extra doesn't mean it'll be looked at favorably. Remember (at least in the case of the USAREC board), there is a finite amount of time that the board has to look through each packet. Having a bunch of added BS isn't necessarily the best way to let each board member see the whole thing.
  10. I have no idea what the CIV board looks at vs the USAREC one. If it's after the cutoff it won't go into the packet for that board. That's why it's called a cutoff.
  11. Keep in mind you're eligible for the "Blue Label" Glocks now. Good discount. I prefer the 17 even with my huge mitts. It's easier to conceal as well.
  12. I'm still waiting on my COC to sign my damn tattoo memo. It's been two weeks. Seriously, the F.
  13. My guess would after this next board. Though, it's going to be pretty much identical to the current one. I would plan around that.
  14. Every helicopter I've ever been in had a large fan attached to the roof. Seems to work ok.
  15. July is right around the corner, hope everyone has better luck if you were a FQ-NS like me. I'm also going home! Woo for end of deployment! This thread is very lifeless!
  16. Yep, what joe said. It's generally "translated" as don't get ahead of yourself. Focus on the 50m target, go from there.
  17. If I ever get a choice it'll likely be 60's. It's what my dad flew so I've got a soft spot for it. If the 58's weren't going away that would have been it.
  18. Gotcha. I've always sent them as separate pdfs. I beleive that's what they ask for so they can plug and play the new stuff easier. Hope that helps.
  19. It's not being kept secret. It's just not news-worthy. There are a lot of things that shouldn't be in the news. This is one of them IMO. The only reason it's even an issue is because apparently the Military needs to have equal rights for everyone, and now it's a damn publicity stunt. Some commander gets to go "Hey, I put X amount of women through "insert military course here". That's all it is. It's a freaking joke.
  20. No news is good news in the special operations community. Generally the less the public knows the better. That's how it's always been, and how it needs to remain.
  21. All attachments are in a single email. They don't want multiple emails if you can help it.
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