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  1. if so link me it please and sorry for making another.
  2. what questions were you guys asked at the board interviews?
  3. anyone get selected and have a tattoo or know the regulations on having one?
  4. i think u can only show a 300/300 but if they look at how many you did and you are way over the 100% mark im sure it looks good to but i used it merely for fun. I mean they set the standard on these scores for what they expect at least for a pilot so if your at that then technically u should qualify but if u r better than it then it prolly makes ur chances better obviously. like why have a 40 on the sift as acceptable but decline everyone under 50 lol? makes no sense
  5. what did they ask you about in the interview? questions and stuff? also i scored a 333/300 on my fitness test. They can look it up using the special forces fitness standards.....i love fitness
  6. would of saved me 3k if i was in your shoes!! but thats life so u just suck it up and keep truckin!
  7. u have to be corrected to 20/20 but when u dont have ur glasses on u cant be any worse then 20/50. I know this bc im currently getting lasik to fix this. The flight phys place got my meps readings after i had done everything else and all the other tests and let me know i didnt meet the standard. So im fixing that then waiting 6 months : / but all my other stuff is very competitive i feel and im gaining more flight time every weekend.
  8. me but im getting lasik on march 28th so i wont be able to submit till 6 months from then but i have everything done except flight phys.
  9. so back to lasik eye surgery. I need to fill out a medical waiver form for it? or just show them my operation records. Or restest at meps or what? who has had lasik before applying and waited 6 months then applied. What did u do? thankS!
  10. is the selection chance going to be better for people already enlisted for flight school? also saw they are not accepting OCS applications anymore will that make more people want to go this route?
  11. The base in seattle washington that it would be scheduled at, they said that my eye sight doesnt qualify me as a civillian to go forward with my warrant officer packet because i dont meet that standard. So do i do my check ups with meps or the army or with my eye doctor after lasik and show them the records?
  12. ya they wouldnt even let me take the flgiht phys bc my eye sight was apparently not good enough uncorrected. But it corrects to 20/20 so i didnt understand why that mattered, so im getting lasik and then waiting the 6 months to take it again because i already did everything else. I just dont know what i have to fill out or do after the procedure and is it a medical waiver if u have it or they just need to make sure u did it?
  13. I am currently thinking about a career as a pilot and am pursuing it very diligently. Im hopefully being accepted as a army helicopter pilot but if i dont wanna do 20 years in the service im wondering what fields there are outside. I see alot of EMS or corporate, wondering what they pay if u dont mind sharing and what the schedule is like? Being a tour guide sounds kinda cool if you give tours in a spot you like, and transport or logging is also enticing because you get to fly some cool areas. Would love to hear some opinions and salaries and reasons why you chose what u did and didn
  14. So after lasek is it 6 months for examination for my flight physical what can i start at 3 months? All i have left is this stupid flight physical haha.
  15. thanks and i have an appointment to make sure i can have it done. So I have been to meps and all i have left is my flight physical. 3 months would be great as apposed to the 6 months, 6 is depressing if thats what it is. My recruiter does not know jack sh*t unfortunately they are a bad first impression of the armed forces. Do you have a site that explains more about it?
  16. thanks i got quoted for lasik for 3100 for everything post and pre op for both eyes. But now i need to see what the research says for applying with lasik. Do i need a waiver or do i go to meps again? is its 6 months from day of surgery. Does it hurt my chances?
  17. I never read any lines on a board? idk how they determined my eye sight, i remember looking at a house and path through some eye hole things at meps. I doubt i can go take it again and they wont even let me take the flight physical bc my un corrected eye sight is not good enough i guess. So basically my only option is PKR or lasek wait then start up and take this last physical then apply. Are my stats competitive enough? I am confident that i can be selected i think. But with the reduction in armed forces coming kinda sucks. Realistically im about a year out now by the time I get las
  18. Hey everyone i have been lurking for awhile and slowly building my packet so that its most competitive. I have done everything except the flight physical My stats AGE: 23 SEX: male 128 college credits and a bs degree in biology GPA 3.0 (worked all of college and taught labs) Fitness was a 300/300 actually a 333/300 on the extended scale Asvab: 87 GT 120 SIFT 53 Clean record and bill of health never been to the hospital! I was waited 6 weeks for my flight physical which was the last step so i could submit in march. Then they finally called my recruiter and said that my noncorrected eye s
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