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  1. The quality of life on the boat depends on the country of origin, my room in the America ships had a sofa, and desk and private shower with the room wired for emails, plus the galley is open 24/7, the heli deck is really big, the ship is supplied with western supplies, however the Taiwan vessels I have flown on, have Asian food supplies, small rooms and small bunks, small heli decks and are generally uncomfortable and lacking to western standards, however I have heard Japan vessels have a pretty decent living environment, same for Spanish or French Purse Seiners as well or South American vessels. If you get a contract on a Taiwan vessel prepare to spend about 500-700 USD per trip for western food supplies, then plan to cook all your supplies as well. Good luck,
  2. Wherever the boat comes from will reflect in the culture, religion, values, ideas, language, and food on the boat, western civilization boats, are more reflective of western lifestyles, and standards of personal sanitation, safety, food etc etc. Asian boats are reflective of their own cultures and values as well, so if your a western pilot going to work on a taiwan boat, prepare for a major adjustment to life, it will hardly be recognizable to what your accustomed to. If you want a pretaste of life on a Taiwan boat, you should visit your local china town, live in the shittiest and smallest apartment available, and eat in the shittiest chinese restaurant in china town, for 30 days straight, while listening none stop to chinese chit chat, if your ok with that, then you may be ready to live on a tuna boat. Working on a tuna boat is easy, a couple of flights a day, sea level flying all the time, one passenger, full fuel, a little hovering work, no ATC, no airport ops, no controlled airspace issues, no company procedures really, except a few common sense rules, be prepared to experience the most boring place to live on the planet and your mind is in the right place. Be prepared to have asian men ask you about your sex life while in port, don't ask me why, I believe it's because they have no sex life and attempt to live precariously through your life. Be prepared to visit small little island countries where everyone has their hand out wanting something for nothing, and prepare to find tons and tons of tuna, without being paid a dime for it other than the flying salary, However, in Columbia South America they pay pilots $12.00 per ton, plus $4,000 USD per month salary, some private owned fishing boats in America Samoa pay their pilot's $7.00 USD per ton and $7,000.00 per month Cheers, Crazyhorse
  3. It is what it is man, from an investment perspective, investing any money in flight training would be better spent at a casino, on the other side, if your actually considering trying to make a living flying a Helicopter, without the qualifications it will simply be a pipe dream.
  4. Hello, I'm a 2500 hour plus helicopter pilot with experience mostly on the AS 350, Bell 206, MD 500 E and R-44, if your searching for a short term pilot for some small or odd jobs, feel free to call me. 503.8572228 K David Norman Contact No:503-857-2228 E-mail address– lonestarhelicopters@gmail.com Skype: czesckochamcie Linkedin: ph.linkedin.com/pub/david-norman/17/943/273/ OBJECTIVE § Apply acquired Helicopter Pilot skills to each mission § Develop my pilot skills to the next level § Provide a dependable can do attitude to my co workers and the company § Be a team player PERSONAL DATA Present Address : Unit 1, Afia Moi Apartments, Pago Pago America Somoa Home Address : 7D Tower 5 Avida Towers Sucat Metro Manila Philippines Age : 39 Civil Status : Divorced Religion : Spiritual Nationality : U.S. Citizen Fathers Name : Ken Norman (deceased) Mother’s Name : Jane Norman Their Address : 3060 Old Kingston Rd. Loudon, TN. 37774 Languages Spoken : English, Professional Lic : FAA Commercial Helicopter License FAA Instrument Helicopter License (written exam complete, processing checkride FAA ATP (H) written exam complete, prepping for checkride Flight Training Equipment: AS 350 B2, B3, Bell 206 B 3, MD 500 E, C , R-44 HELICOPTER FLIGHT TRAINING BACKGROUND } Private FAA Helicopter- Valley Helicopters, Athens Tennesse 2002 } Commercial CAAP Helicopter- Master’s Flying School, Manila Philippines 2010 } Alouette II EQC, Master’s Flying School, Metro Manila Philippines 2010 } Commercial FAA- Jerry Trimble Helicopters, McMinnville Oregon 2014 } AS 350 B3 FADEC EQC, Master’s Flying School, Metro Manila Philippines 2011 } Bell 206 B3 EQC, Master’s Flying School, Metro Manila Philippines 2013 } Robinson Safety Course- Robinson Factory, 2010 Employment History: Chesapeake Bay Helicopter May 2014-Present5202 West Military Highway Building 11 Chesapeake VA 23321 Ph: (757) 465-9936 Fax: (757) 465-9946 All Email Inquiries: Equipment: MD 500 E Operations: LIDAR and Obleaks I’ve served as relief pilot for regular pilot while on holiday Western Pacific Helicopters Nov. 1 2013- March 2014 6 Airport Street Wanaka Airport Wanaka, New Zealand Ph. 6421400523 Contact: Rod Price Equipment: R-44 Astro Operation: Open Water Helicopter Operations, Aerial Reconnaissance, raft location and marking Location: Pacific Ocean Waters of America Samoa I served as temporary replacement pilot for regular ship pilot through the holidays Penson & Company June 1-Nov 1, 2013 Metro Manila Philippines Ph: +63.02519.3285 Contact: Sir Santosh Kumar Pilot Contract was for 3 months, I left for a higher salary and my contract had ended Nov 1. Equipment: Bell 206 B3 Operations: Inner island transfer, personal travel of business owner to various resorts and business meetings Location: Philippine Islands Helicopter Aerial Surveys Pty Ltd. Dec 2012-June 2013 201 Prices Circuit Woronora NSW 2232 P.O. Box 403 Sutherland 2232 New South Wales, Australia Tel: 61-2-9545-2530 Fax: 61-2-9521-7879 Contact: Adam Dowling Equipment: MD 500 C, D Operations: Open Water operations, Aerial Reconnaissance Location: Pacific Ocean, Waters of Micronesia, Papa New Guinea, America Samoa Elliott Airborne Geophysics International May 2012- August 2012 25F Pearl of the Orient Towers Metro Manila Philippines Equipment: AS 350 B3, B2, Alouette II Operations: Magnetic Air Borne Surveys Contour flying, map of the earth. Location: Philippine Islands My employer: Peter Elliott from Perth Australia was killed in August 2012 performing a airborne survey in Borneo Dakak Park Beach Resort November 2011-May 2012 Taguilon, Dapitan City Zamboanga Del Norte Philippines Tel: +63.065-213-6813 Tel: +63.065-908-8345 Equipment: R-44 Clipper II Operations: Tourist flights, VIP Transport and Charter Location: Philippines Islands Master’s Flying School 2011-2013 Pasay City, Metro Manila Philippines Email: mastersflyingschool@yahoo.com Contact: Captain Villa Operations: conduct ground school classes on the various courses for Private Helicopter and Commercial Helicopter certification. Work schedule depended upon student volumn Qualifications 1. FAA Commercial Helicopter 2. FAA Instrument Helicopter (written exam complete, completing rating) 3. FAA ATP (H) (written exam complete, completing rating) 4. CAAP Commercial Helicopter 5. CAAP Ground Instructor 6. Presently completing my instrument rating Ratings: 1. AS 350 B2, B3 2. MD 500 C, E 3. Robinson R-44 4. Bell 206 B3 Flight Time: VFR: Mountain Operations: 100+ hrs VFR Night: 235+ hrs Open Water 600+ hrs Sling Load 30+ hrs Jungle/ island/ hostile environments 2100+ hrs Total Time: 2600+hrs
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