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  1. Everyone still stoked? I know a ton of guys here are heading to Rucker on Monday, or to Sill for basic like myself. Only a few days left, I'm still trying to sell most my possessions and I need to shave off a 3-4 inch beard I've been growing since my interview back in June.
  2. I already had my current employer say they received and sent out the survey for clearance.
  3. Sounds like it, yes I'm leaving September 26th. We can all be smug together. Joking of course...mostly.
  4. Does anyone know how in depth the physical at swear in is? I was just at meps before my packet went in because mine was expiring. Id hate to do 2 in a month. I've heard it's mostly just height/weight check.
  5. FQ-S! seriously though, I've been at it nearly 2 years myself, and the first delayed board I was supposed to be on 6 months ago was a 90%+ acceptance. I know how you feel, keep your head up and just keep pushing.
  6. So happy for you guys, it is making me so antsy, I really hope my flight time pushes me through.
  7. Tons of great candidates. Hope they have a lot of slots this month.
  8. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one, I've had those weird dreams then reality sets in and I start freaking out cause it will disqualify me for Woft. Same, just enjoy your summer, I did my interview back when marches board was cancelled so now I'm just working on my pt and summer beard.
  9. Perfect, thanks for the info. I actually had to redo my security interview last month because mine was going to expire before July and it went just fine. I'm just a touch jumpy because I'm probably getting a new job offer early July when everything is supposed to be set and don't want any inconsistencies in my packet.
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