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  1. If you do end of renting it out or buying I went through Aero Real Estate in Daleville. They are great. Management fees are 8% for the first year and move up to 10% after that. I have zero complaints after two years of dealing with them. As far as risks like roof, foundation, termites, HVAC... get a thorough inspection and be there with the guy while he does it. The house I got has a 5 year old roof which was a major selling point for me.
  2. I can give some input on this, contrary to most people responding, I actually bought a house at Fort Rucker while I was there. I kept my eye out for a good deal and bought a foreclosure. I spent some time on weekends, and the brief periods I was on a hold working on the house. I eventually repainted the whole exterior. And fixed any issues with the house. I bought it very cheap for $60,000. The estimate on the house is $110,000 now and I have had a renter living in the property since the day I moved out it hasnt been vacant once. I make a nice profit every month on top of them paying off my mortgage. It has been such a good deal, I cant help but consider buying another property around Fort Rucker and rent it out. You have to make a very good decision, get it inspected, and know what you what to do with the house when you leave in 2 years, it will be a blink of an eye.
  3. No kidding. Here I am with 10 days left as a civilian and you don't ship for 5 months from the same board. Crazy. At first I was a little in shock I was shipping so fast, but now I'm getting excited to get it all started.
  4. I start WOCS August 19th as well! That's pretty cool some of us will be in the same class. On another note, I have a 2 week period from the end of basic to the start of WOCS. Will I be able to go home for a bit during that time, or do I need to report right after BCT?
  5. Civilian applicant. Started process July 2014. AGE: 27 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 98/138 SIFT: 71 APFT: 257 EDUCATION: B.S. in Fine Art from the University of Oregon FLIGHT: None CLASS 1 PHYSICAL: Completed BOARD: 75/75 - received a recommendation from the battalion commander LORS: -Retired Navy Captain (O-6) Aviator who rose to command a ship, with 30 years in uniform, wrote me a very detailed 2 page LOR. Couldn't be a better letter from a great man. -Vice President of Columbia Helicopters who was a former Army CW2 pilot in Vietnam. -Former supervisor who is currently a Police Officer. WAIVERS: None Selected May 2015 (June 1st BCT ship date, August 19 WOCS date)
  6. So what exactly is accomplished the 5 months between WOCS and WOBC? Also, Is WOBC 10 weeks long?
  7. I agree, I think it's better being this soon. I won't be stressing for 2+ months and I'll get it out of the way. Kinda like ripping a band aid off?
  8. Haha, no. My liaison called Ft Knox and that's what the guy told him. I was trying to pick my jaw up off the floor for a couple hours.
  9. I'm shipping out on June 1, in 2 weeks to Fort Jackson, with a June 8 training date. Wayy quicker than I expected! I guess it's better than waiting around for months.
  10. I'm definitely emotionally amped. Sitting in the MEPS waiting room, just twiddling my thumbs until the Army office calls me in and tells me my ship date. I get chills everytime I think about how rewarding this adventure will be, and how excited I am to get it started.
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