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  1. There was no confusion, I have never been able to pass the PIP, I was relying on passing the FALANT which I have passed once before, but this past time I completely bombed it. If I were to ever slip through the cracks and make it into the program but then failed it again later I would most likely be out-processed and all that time would be wasted. On the other hand, if I get this waiver, I will never have to pass a color vision test throughout my length of service if I get in. Good idea. I think I will do this along with my initial plan. I have been told that the military doesn't so much care about what outside doctors have to say on the matter when it comes to something of this nature but I think it will definitely help if I use it as supplementation to the two memos that I plan to get. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, Yesterday I went for my physical and was DQ for aviation. I failed the PIP and the FALANT. Extremely frustrating especially since I have been told by many that color vision waivers are nearly impossible to get. Yet, this is some of my history and what my plan of attack is... When I first joined the Coast Guard in 2008, I had PASSED the FALANT which made me eligible for all jobs that require normal color vision and because of that I ended up serving for six years as a Boatswain's Mate. As a Boatswain's Mate, my primary duty was as a boat Coxswain. This is very similar to PIC in the helo world as far as responsibility goes (just replace the helo with a boat). Not only did I serve honorably in this duty, but I was also considered a subject matter expert in the world of tactical boat operations and I never experienced any difficulty in performing my duties because of my color vision deficiency. What I am going to try to do is this. Contact the U.S. Coast Guard's Boatswain's Mate Rating Force Master Chief and see if he will consider drafting a memorandum stating why it is important to have normal color perception to perform the duties of a BM and Boat Coxswain. This will most likely include things such as to be able to differentiate different colors of LED alarm indicators in the cabin, utilize colored chart navigation systems and to identify the aspects of other vessels while operating at night via the green, red, white and amber lights that may be displayed in particular arrangements. This memorandum will also be supplemented by a memorandum of a qualified person, such as my previous CO, stating that he never had any doubts in my ability to perform my duties as a Boat Coxswain. Once I receive these two things, I will then work to find a qualified person within the field of Army Aviation such as a Battalion Safety Officer in order to write up the reasons why it is important to have normal color perception in Aviation. Then I will request them provide a compare and contrast of how it compares to my previous duties and whether or not they think that I will have issues carrying out my duties without having normal color perception. So that is what I will be forwarding up with my medical waiver request. Does anyone have any experience with this particular situation? Also, does anyone have any suggestions as to what should be addressed in either of these memorandums for the waiver? Are there any current pilots who would be willing to provide some examples of how color vision deficiency would affect someone during flight operations? Thank you in advance. Respectfully, TK
  3. Bump for Lindsey. Check into local Army ROTC programs and you just might be able to cut through all of this red tape.
  4. I chose to ignore the timer and do as many questions as quickly and accurately as I could. This seems to be the most common method among people who score well from what I have seen. Haven't heard of too many people gambling away their last 30 seconds.
  5. I just took the SIFT this past thursday. For me, the hidden figures were slightly different than the ones given in the amazon book, but if you understand how to do them and keep in mind that the orientation of the hidden objects never change, you will do fine. You have a break for as long as you want before starting the section in order to read and understand the instructions and they give you a sample problem. All in all, my advice is don't stress out about it. I was stressing but I still managed a 65 on the test. Also, I only made it through only about 75 of the simple drawings and only 35 of the hidden figures and I am pretty sure I got at least one wrong in each of those sections.
  6. Had the same issue! I was doing my 2mi run on the treadmill on a 2.0 incline in as low as 12:41! I go outside to run the actual APFT with my recruiter and I do it in 14:00. I was so mad! I am going to request not to take it on a 1/4 mile track next time if possible. Something about running in circles that messes with me mentally...
  7. Hello all, I have done as much research as I could before posting this thread. The fact that there is barely any guidance for civilian WOFT applicants in the creation of their packet to begin with, puts us prior service - now civilian folk, in an even more gray area. What I have found to be the consensus is that as a prior service civilian, you apply by civilian standards. With that in mind I attempted to tackle the task of filling out my DA Form 61 and was stumped at in a few areas: Block 8: Should I, 1. leave it blank 2. put CIV or 3. Put the last grade I held? Block 10: It says branch, but the instructions say to put MOS if you were enlisted or wo. I was Coast Guard so my MOS would simply be BM with no number designator like in the example. Would this actually work for them? Because it doesn't quite match the same thing that the example of 35L3P makes. It just feels a bit strange to leave those fields blank when on the next sheet over I will be filling out that I have prior service. Block 27-f: Leave blank if already terminated or put in my passed termination date? or NA? Also, being that I am prior service...Do I need to submit all my prior NCOERs? I mean I would certainly like to because they are outstanding, however, I find it highly unlikely that I will be able to recover ALL of them for my past 6 years of service because of the nature of the program used by the Coast Guard to store them. I realize this is a tall order of questions, and I don't expect any one to answer them all for me. I will continue to search for whatever guidance I can on my own and I will be sure to answer them here on my own as well so that all can benefit from the thread. Respectfully,
  8. I appreciate your uplifting comments. I am highly motivated to pursue this career path and I will remain ever persistent until I reach my goal. I know I don't have the best ASVAB scores, but I am currently studying for the SIFT and working my ass off to ensure a competitive score. I know that I can only take it once granted that I pass. I am projected to take it April 17. I'll be sure to post an update to let everyone know how I make out with it. Recruiter says I won't go to my physical until after I pass the SIFT so we will find out if I make it past the color vision hurdle a little later on. As far as recommendations go I have been networking and I'm confident that those will be top notch. So now it is just up to me to get a great PFT and SIFT score. Congrats on your selection!
  9. A quick question about recommendations if anyone is willing and able to provide some insight. For the recommendations, who should they be addressed to? (i.e. "To Whom It May Concern,").
  10. Haha, it's all good brother. I'm sure you understand that I'm used to it by now!
  11. Hello Everyone, I have been looking around this forum for a few days now for information. It has been extremely helpful so far and now its time that I introduce myself. I just got out of the Coast Guard as an E-5 this past February after six years Active Duty. I am now attending Fordham University in New York and was able to transfer a substantial amount of credits from online classes I took while I was in the military and should be finishing my degree within a year (give or take a semester). Flying has always been a dream of mine but I was discouraged during my initial entry into the military when I failed to pass the PIP color vision test, but passed the alternate FALANT lantern test. The recruiters all explained to me that as far as getting enlisted jobs I was considered normal color perception because of the FALANT but future jobs in the Officer Corps would not be possible as they require you to pass the PIP. After having separated from the military and enrolling in college I have been doing a lot of digging on my own and have found that the FALANT does in fact qualify me for officer programs in the Army, and it does also count as a pass on color vision for flight physicals. Knowing this now, I am dead set and confident with pursuing my dream of becoming an aviator. So far I have found a local recruiter who has agreed to assist me with the process of putting my package together. I am working on getting LORs from my previous CO and Command Master Chief (who also happens to be a prior Army Ranger), and a local County Legislator that knows me personally. I plan on visiting some air bases with hopes of making a good impression and making some good connections as I have observed that getting a LOR from an aviator is golden. I have also started working on my Resume, studying for the SIFT, and the "Why I Want to be an Army Aviator," essay. I also went and took the ASVAB to bring my previous scores up and I scored an 84 AFQT / 124 GT. My next meeting with my recruiter is tomorrow, where I will begin compiling my package and hopefully schedule my physicals. I'll keep posting my experience throughout the process as much as I can. Hopefully it will be of some help to someone else down the line. Thanks in advance for all the knowledge, and best of luck to all the other applicants! Any questions just let me know. -Tyler
  12. Figured I'd breathe some life back into this thread with a question of my own. As a prior service applicant, what would be the most highly suggested format for the resume? Also, what are the main points to hit on the resume? I have one that I have been keeping up to date but I want to revise everything to make it perfect. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  13. Hey Jeff. Those are some awesome scores. I'm just beginning to put together my package for WOFT and I am getting ready to take the SIFT. I am prior service with a 124 GT score. Just wondering what you did to prepare for the SIFT. Any study guides that you would recommend? I am in NY (Long Island). Also, my recruiter told me that I would have to go all the way to West Point to take the test. Anyone in the New York area that can confirm? I saw here in a previous post that I could try an ROTC program; luckily there is one at the school I'm currently enrolled in so I might give that a shot.
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