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  1. Not when you arrive, but after WOCS when you get to B Co.
  2. -1W good for 18 months before WOCS, clock starts on the date of exam, not the date approved. -first class 2 physical before WOBC good for two years to try to get you through Rucker without needing to renew. -after that, flight physicals due annually on your birth month, can knock it out up to three months early.
  3. What does this mean for pilots, though? Still wear A2CUs to work every day whether youre scheduled to fly or not, just in case you do end up flying?
  4. You could even take a military leave of absence from your DOD job when you leave for training.
  5. Since you did well in the SIFT, you should score well on the Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard test since that's where it was derived from. The AFOQT is different, but you should score well on it, too. The TBAS is more like a video game, so if you're a gamer and/or have good hand-eye (and foot) coordination, you should be fine. I assume you want to fly helicopters since you're here. Here's what I've heard over the years regarding each branch, but my information might be dated: Marine Corps: ~80% end up flying helicopters. Considering the C-12 is one of four options in the Army, your chances are almost the same in each. Expect some kind of non-flying tour as a second or third assignment, though. Age cutoff would be coming up soon for you, so you'd need to move fast. Air Force: small % end up flying helicopters, most people want fixed wing. If you list helicopters #1 on your dream sheet and work hard, IPs and flight commanders can supposedly trade aircraft among classes and try to accommodate you. Age cutoff still a few years away for you. Navy: small percentage end up flying helicopters, most people want fixed wing, but not really sure how likely it is to get what you want. Same age cutoff issue as Marine Corps.
  6. Example from the 7 week class last May: -May 4: BCT graduation -May 5: ship to Fort Rucker to report "late" as an aviator for a May 11 WOCS start date. Either the 10 day early thing doesn't apply to candidates going straight from BCT to WOCS, or MEPS hasn't always gotten the message. Couple days to inprocess Fort Rucker, weekend is yours, inprocess HHC after post, etc. -May 10: last day to report for non-aviators. -May 11: official class start date, but mainly briefings and getting ready over the next few days (still time to stencil) to "cross the street" aka bag drag Monday afternoon. -May 15: the fun begins.
  7. From my understanding, the ADSO associated with being a military pilot in any branch definitely qualifies as an exception. Technically, the employer would have to honor it for the full 8 years or so (up to 12 years for Air Force pilots). I'll be sending my employer my new orders and ADSO each time it renews to 6 years until that last time after graduating flight school.
  8. So, was female 2 not actually cheating in academics? I thought female 1 and some others saw her doing that and reported it due to concerns with the all the accidents happening around that time.
  9. http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/prerequ/woft.shtml points to some of the applicable regulations. Technically, you're not even qualified to apply until you've passed the SIFT and have your flight physical stamped by Fort Rucker. Even once you've checked those boxes, there's no commitment. Also, doing an FAA flight physical won't tell you much because a military flight physical is far more thorough and very different.
  10. Just in case there's any doubt left whatsoever: original Shindig supposedly applied to Nov '15 board and wasn't selected before getting picked up on Jan '16 board. Nov '15 board only had 3 non-selects, so it's easier to narrow those names down vs. trying to go through the Jan '16 board's list of 20 selects. So, in theory, could compare: -Nov '15 board's 3 non-selects -Jan '16 board's 20 selects See which of the 3 not selected Nov '15 were selected Jan '16. Might come up empty, another way of confirming he was fake. Or might have your Shindig.
  11. The rules say next available BCT and WOCS classes. Since you don't need BCT, you'd get next available WOCS class.
  12. As long as the USAREC website still shows a January board, take what your recruiters are saying with a grain of salt. eaelliott5, Have you gotten your recruiting center leader involved with your packet? I see you've been jerked around a bit, so this could definitely help. That was my experience. Once my center leader realized what was going on with my packet, he knew what he had to do and had the resources to make it happen. The USAREC website recommends a second set of eyes reviews your packet at the recruiting center before submitting to the battalion, anyway. There's no reason your recruiting center can't submit your packet to the battalion now so they already have it, everything's been checked over 6-9 times, and you're just waiting for your battalion board interview. Speaking of which, the battalion should also know when they're doing their next one since they also do OCS applicants and need to do them somewhat regularly, at least quarterly. Try to find out when the next one is, and when their deadline is. Your center leader should be able to find out for you if your recruiter has any trouble. If all else fails, calling the battalion itself to ask these questions might snap your recruiters into shape. Gideon, If all you need is your battalion board interview, see above. If you're waiting on any other items, keep pushing until those are complete, then see above.
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