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  1. Status Update: UH60 Driver, Wheeler AAF, HI, Ready to take PC checkride

  2. Hey, I know you! I have a crew chief that got boarded this time around. Just checking to see if anyone has a leaked list or not, haha.
  3. I know exactly what you mean! I was picked up in July board and my WOCS report date is 19 March... Time is dragging for sure..
  4. As of 2012 when i went to Army BCT, there wasnt a warrior transition course anymore, I got to do the whole thing at 6yrs TIS, haha.
  5. WOCS graduation May 6th, WOBC starts May 25th... Cutting it close for a PCS, but ill make it happen.
  6. I am transfering from the ARNG in CA to active duty. They are having me attend WOCS in an IET status, flying to Rucker from MEPS, and upon completion I will recieve PCS orders or Rucker prior to my WOBC report date... My situatuion is slightly different, but i believe they are making everyone attend in a temporary duty status these days.
  7. I am ARNG going active duty, feel free to PM me with any questions. I was selected in July board, and reporting to Rucker on 19 Mar. Just be ready to reinvent the wheel.. My recruiters and MEPS had no idea of what to do with me initially, haha.
  8. Awww man... sorry to hear it! Just keep at it, and submit again as soon as you are able to... Im looking forward to the drinks at Mother Ruckers with ya!
  9. I dont know why I am checking as often as I am for a MILPER.... haha! Guess I am just anxious and excited for all of you! Good luck! and I hope the toture ends soon, haha.
  10. Ah gotcha. Im still trying to figure out if im PCSing for WOCS or waiting until after to move my family.. It seems that MEPS isnt going to cut orders until I swear in on the 9th of March giving me 10 days to report. Should the national guard reassignments section publish orders? Im having trouble finding guidance for my National Guard to Active Duty transition reguarding the PCS. All I have right now is the "Official notification of transfer to the US Army" memo and the ATRRS reservations.
  11. Thats interesting... Im in the WOBC 5/25/15. I guess you will get to enjoy more B Co than I do, haha.
  12. WOC gets paid as an E5 unless you held a higher rank anyway. I would go with yes on the gold stripe.
  13. I had an LOR get excluded from my packet initially because it was over 12 months old. Had to get it re-signed before the board corrections deadline.
  14. I had some some close calls with JSTAR pilots... As a KC 135 boom operator for 6yrs I had 3 legitimate "break-aways" with that airframe... Uhg, gives me the willies thinkin about it... haha Good luck to you, and hope to see you one day at Ft Rucker! Ill start my drive to WOCS on March 9th for class 15-013 =D
  15. From USAREC site.. I'd ask the question now, but seems you will have to. 12-MONTH TIS REMAINING REQUIREMENT: Given the constant changing of retention and the drawdown EXCEPTIONS will be granted on a case by case basis. Applicants will have to include a memorandum requesting to waive the 12 month requirement. At a mimimum, an applicant must have six months remaining on their service contract by the time their packet will be board to even be considered for a waiver. Furthermore, approval consideration will be based on the strength of the MOS and number of applicants applying for the program!
  16. Bummer! Sorry to hear it... Keep your head up, update what you can, and be ready for the next board!
  17. Unfortunately we are both right, plus many more issues im sure.. Recently we have had a few issues though with new backseaters assuming the autofill PID matching the first 3 or 4 PID digits is the same person... giving hours to someone else, awesome right?
  18. Ive been a 15P for a few years now... I am scared to death of the records program dropping hours! I will keep a 100% manual record of every flight flown, and I suggest everyone else do the same. With the new ULLS-A(E) program and CAFRS 4.0 trying to talk to one another on data pulls, compounded with user error with PIDs.. Its a nightmare rounding up missing flight info for guys. The CA national guard just stopped using paper -12s too.. so if the Aviator doesnt inform me of an error, I dont even know about it...
  19. Best of luck everyone!! Hope some of you can join me in class 15-013! Woo!
  20. Found a cool summary of someones experience in WOCS. Gives all of us an idea of what is to come, haha. I cant wait! Seriously, March is too far away... http://bucknastytc.blogspot.com/2013/05/warrant-officer-candidate-school-wocs.html
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