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  1. I'm not positive on all the numbers but I was told there were 6 c-12s handed out today.
  2. I'll have to check it out again. Last few times I have tried to access it, the page is empty.
  3. I appreciate that input from both of you. The good ol Echo course hasn't made any info available on AKN that I am aware of yet. I agree that I could always review info and the -10 though! Hmm maybe I'll learn to play the guitar and just hang out.
  4. Haha that's the only option I see here. I guess I'll start working on my packet... That'll give me something to do while on hold.
  5. I will have to go do the chamber. I asked about the ALSE course because I enjoy that sort of stuff but apparently no one from D Co has taken that course and they didn't know of any regular commissioned officers that have taken it. They also said when you go to a unit the ALSO is always a warrant officer so it would be pointless anyways.
  6. I'm looking for some guidance/ideas of training to try to get into while on hold at Rucker. I'm a LT but any advice would be appreciated. I just can't stand the fact I'm sitting around here with nothing productive to do. Thanks in advance!
  7. Selection results from today. LTs: 2 CH-47F, 5 AH-64E, 9 AH-64D, 3 UH-60M, 5 UH-60A/L 47s went 1 and 2. Warrants: 2 AH-64E, 7 UH-60M 64s went 1 and 2.
  8. Just heard the aircraft selection for the class after the Lakota class that selected today. Warrants: 1 AH-64E, 1 UH-60M LTs: 6 AH-64D, 2 CH-47F, 4 AH-64E, 16 UH-60M, 4 UH-60 A/L
  9. Leaning towards staying right where I'm at. Just wanted to get a general opinion since I was afforded the opportunity to actually have a choice in the matter! Lol I bet you can't say that very many times in the army!
  10. I am seeking some opinions here! I have the opportunity to bump back one class and take on the Lakota class or stay in my original 67 class. I listened to the captain give his opinions today but I'm undecided. He's sending up the list tomorrow!!
  11. I appreciate that tip. I'm looking into staying off post though. I might try accessing some other boards like redditt to see what I can dig up. This discussion board has been pure gold for me as I head into military career. I got a very informative packet from the on post housing that was helpful but I have my mind set on staying off post.
  12. Ah I see. Well I'm about to be a newly commissioned lieutenant. So I'll show up needing a place to stay ASAP if I haven't already arranged before arrival, which isn't ideal.
  13. How the heck do indivuduals who show up to rucker by themselves find a roommate to split a place off base with?
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