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  1. I live in Richmond but I'll only be here for another couple days before I head to Rucker. Don't forget Fort Lee is 30 minutes away, you'll find a lot of WOs there. Since I'm so close to you feel free to PM me if you need some help.
  2. I think you need to get your meps physical completed before you do a flight physical. My flight physical was just a walk in, no appointment needed.
  3. You're going to have a rough career if you ever go into the military.
  4. Well non-select for my 2nd attempt. Is it 6 months before I can drop my packet again?
  5. 34.16 selection rate is a little bit higher than normal for AD selection isn't it?
  6. I tried being patient but couldn't help myself. I just called my recruiter, they don't have the civilian list yet. Toooooorture.
  7. I believe the civilians are going to be on that list as well. If so, message me and let me know what it says next to my name. There's a strong possibility you'll see the list before anyone at my recruiting station will.
  8. From what I heard civilians get looked at the first day of board. After that it's up to recruiting station to contact the applicant after they've received the civilian woft list.
  9. You and me both.... I was actually expecting the phone call this morning, kept me up all night. Fingers crossed we'll all find out tomorrow.
  10. I've never seen a civilian get accepted that didn't have 3/3 recommendations from battalion board, since I've been on the forum.
  11. I believe you can. You know ejones... He'll tell you about it.
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