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  1. I live in Richmond Virginia. I am pursuing multiple avenues as best I can at the moment. I'm also, having never had a profile before, noticing I can view people's contact information now. Live and learn... Thank you both for taking the time to post. I hope more information can get out about this process for any non military connected civilians.

    I live in Richmond but I'll only be here for another couple days before I head to Rucker. Don't forget Fort Lee is 30 minutes away, you'll find a lot of WOs there. Since I'm so close to you feel free to PM me if you need some help.

  2. Got me beat brother. Im sitting here at work, refreshing the HRC website every so often, because as far as I know, that is the only way I will find out.

    I believe the civilians are going to be on that list as well. If so, message me and let me know what it says next to my name. There's a strong possibility you'll see the list before anyone at my recruiting station will.


    These are my same scores, I think my LOR's are pretty legit, I haven't found out my batt. board score but I think that was part of the issue; I got a little nervous during it when I shouldn't have. Less number of seats and higher applicants could have contributed too.

    I've never seen a civilian get accepted that didn't have 3/3 recommendations from battalion board, since I've been on the forum.

  4. Just spoke with a major that was on my battalion board.....Officially Selected! I hope that others on here receive similar news, I asked if he had any details on the board, but all he knew were my results.


    I'm pulling for everyone else, and happy to say the easy part is over.

    Hell yes!!!!! Dude you deserved it!! Now I'm much more anxious....

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  5. I was only in Iraq a few days this past year, where I was, was not nice ha. Kuwait was friggin amazing though, spent almost 3 months on the Air Force base, jumping around a bit to the Army spots for the physical and some JTAC training/ranges. Insane chowhall, 2 awesome gyms, a pool and movie theater, unheard of in the Marine Corps. Way better than being on ship like the rest of my deployment.

    I was only in Kuwait for 2 weeks, can't remember exactly where. Complete opposite of what you described. I spent time in Liberty before going down MSR to the Green zone. Both of which were really nice.

  6. I think the civilian applicants from this forum definitely have a leg up when it comes to selection... AD applicants... lol I feel like it's almost a crapshoot! Who knows what areas they are going to be looking at. It seems like it changes with each board what area carries the most weight.

    I agree with everything said in this post. Haha.

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