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  1. This reminds me of the cadence we did in basic. I can't remember how it went but the ending was always the countdown of how many days we had left. "Five more days to gooooOOOOoooo." I've been waking up every morning with the ending to that cadence in my head.
  2. So I think my nerves have subdued for now and have been replaced with excitement. CAN'T WAIT!!!
  3. Ha. I'll never get tired of you venting, as long as you don't get tired of mine. There's not a damn thing wrong with a back up plan though. I'll always be a strong believer in whats meant to be will be.
  4. Hopefully with some good news. Extremely nervous.
  5. Usually civilian applicants find out the week of the board, I believe. Basing that off what was posted on previous selection board topics.
  6. Something to look forward to. You meet the best people in the military.
  7. Let's just say we're all going to see each at Rucker eventually. We'll grab a nice refreshing glass of..... water, because it's all about staying hydrated.
  8. Looks like an incredible group of applicants to me. Surprised there's not more people that posted though.
  9. Thanks! You receive any insight on how difficult it may be to be released from the state to go active??
  10. Another week down! I'm going to start posting more of these. My desperate attempt to bring some life to this topic...
  11. Hopefully not too much more. Smallest civ board ever? Imagine if they would of kept sept board.
  12. And I didn't know who that last girl was... So I Google'd her....
  13. October is halfway over!!! I hope it's FLYING by for everyone else as well. The official countdown, for me at least, starts in 2 days. We're almost there. This is me right now....
  14. Wait.... So some random person with that account number had a million dollars in their account for a brief moment?!
  15. I know the pain. When I'm not busy I'm daydreaming about selection. But I know there are a lot more applicants who haven't posted on this topic.... Hoping more will post soon.
  16. 41 days 20 hours and 35 minutes. Maybe the longer I stare at this timer the faster it'll go.
  17. Asked my recruiter for my board results, he finally sent them to me today. Battalion board score of 74/75. Very good comments talking about my maturity, experience, and enthusiasm. I believe I got the one point removed because I accidentally acknowledged the female CAPT as sir. Retaking my PT test on 20 OCT, shooting for a 300 this time.
  18. Don't quote me on this... But I'm willing to bet they're digitally stored by usarec.
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