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  1. Yeah. I get slightly depressed whenever I see the timer I have set for 17 November. But October will probably be the last busy month I have at work, it's crazy how weather changes that. November will mostly be spent looking on this forum and texting Jeff every 2 seconds, haha.
  2. I'm pretty stoked tomorrow starts the last full month before the actual board month. This will sort of be the calm before the storm. When November gets here I'll be a nervous wreck. My packet has already been submitted and received by USAREC. I still need to submit my civilian resume and do another PT test to try to up my score. Unrelated news, first case of Ebola in the US was diagnosed in Dallas today.
  3. I know man. I literally text Jeff all the time saying the exact same thing. I consider myself an extremely patient person.... But this has been driving me insane.
  4. About your question on how much not having a degree would hurt you.... I had the exact same concern you did. A WO recruiter from Bragg came up to Ft Lee and I was able to attend his brief and have a 15 minute sit down with him to talk about the process and my chances. He used to be a 1st sergeant and went WO. The way he explained it to me was that there's a reason a degree isn't required to be a WO. For the purpose of a WO, experience is much more important than a degree. Of course having a degree is only going to help you, but if you don't have the degree you better have the experience to separate yourself from others. Don't sell yourself short. Based on your post I definitely think you have the experience.
  5. Oh you already posted, my bad. When I clicked on your name that post didn't show up under find content for me.
  6. Yes, had packet turned finished and submitted in July. I was pretty bummed out they cancelled sept board. Jeff posted my stats in the first post of this thread, show yours if you're willing.
  7. Extremely nervous.... Are you able to make this board?
  8. It's pretty much expected to have some kind of hurdle for the woft process. Everything I've read on here from people accepted had at least a few issues. Keep your head up, the forums always here to vent.
  9. What are you waiting on to finish your packet? If you don't mind me asking.
  10. Not too long until then. It's pretty nice you'll do basic for a couple weeks until you get your Christmas break. Well actually the thought of it is pretty nice, the moment you get back from break will probably be the hardest during BCT. I'm pretty envious hearing about everyone getting their dates.
  11. I see where the confusion is.... This thread is only for the sept SELECTION board. Every selection board someone makes a new thread. So yes your dates are correction your just on the wrong topic.
  12. I was just going off the dates you mentioned. You said your battalion board isn't until the 16th so you'd be the cutoff for this selection board by a little over a week. But don't let it bring you down a lot of us have missed numerous deadlines for various reasons. Most dates can either be found on this website or the official usarec site, just google search exactly what your looking for.
  13. Got it boss. So your not going make selection board in sept, which sucks.
  14. Your battalion board interview is coming up 16 sept? Or am I reading this wrong???
  15. As long as you didn't rape, murder, or kidnap I think everyone deserves a second chance. I got 5 years of civilian law enforcement experience, 6 years military, and at the back end of this process if you want to message me about it.
  16. Jeff, Awesome post and extremely helpful. One thing I like to add about the LORs. A couple of months ago in Army Aviator magazine there was a article from who I believe was the Chief Warrant Officer of Aviation. He spoke about the selection process amoung other things and stated how heavily the LORs are for selection. He said they favor the LORs that give specifics to your accomplishments and the type of leader you are. Whether your LORs are from people you know personally or people you've only met because of this process let your accomplisents be known and try to paint the best picture of your true potential.
  17. I got mine back in 4 days, and I had LASIK. I was shocked but they said they've gotten them back within a day and average 3 - 4 days.
  18. I got mine back in 4 days, and I had LASIK. I was shocked but they said they've gotten them back within a day and average 3 - 4 days.
  19. I thought the same. Didn't do my security interview until a week after my battalion board.
  20. Age: 27 GT: 117 SIFT: 48 APFT: 289 Education: 3.0 GPA 39 credits towards criminal justice degree Waiver: LASIK and kidney surgery LOR: former CO Major Civil Affairs, retired CW5, retired CSM, retired SF SFC, former PL Captain, civilian law enforcement Captain. Board: Not sure what I scored, but they told me I was one of the better ones they've had. It was a huge confidence boost. Other info: 6 years prior service army and 5 years civilian law enforcement. Nothing too special I guess, I'm pretty much just an average guy with a couple more goals I want accomplished. Like always I wish everyone the best of luck. Hope everyone makes it in September!
  21. Is that just from the civilian board or active duty as well?
  22. I'm not completely sure to be honest. I just had my battalion board last week and I thought they graded you on a 75 point scale. But my recruiter said they didn't but all recommended me for woft. So I don't know. I know I did well, the board members told me I was one of the best they ever boarded so we'll see.
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