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  1. Awesome. That makes me feel a lot better. Thanks.
  2. That's what I thought too and was hoping for September. But if you look at the usarec website selection for 153a isn't checked. Which made me think the next one isn't until OCT/NOV.
  3. Missed this one by a few days. The next woft board is in OCT right?
  4. Alright. Well I was hoping to have an opportunity to retake it. I'll just have to live with it and make up for it when I take my pt test.
  5. Tried to find more information about the change on the usarec website but no luck. I wouldn't mind taking it again because I know exactly what I screwed up on. I'll ask my recruiter but not until after the flight physical.
  6. Crap.... I was afraid that would happen. Is it possible to just retake it instead? I took the soft March of last year.
  7. Ha. Yes! Heard that multiple times. English wasn't my first language and writing has always been a struggle of mine. Thanks though.
  8. Hey guys! Really quickly just wanted to say I've been looking at this forum for a while and it's been an incredible source of information and positivity. So first let's first talk about my qualifications. They're not great but I was hoping to get some guidance and maybe some criticism as well, trust me I can take it and encourage it. Here we go: Age 26 Gt 117 Sift 48 Pt not taken yet No flying hours Only 48 credit hours with Post University I have 6 years in the VA national guard and got out as an E5. What I think sets me apart from everyone else is it have 5 years of civilian law enforcement. And currently working as a private investigator. Of course that doesn't directly relate to being a flight warrant officer but there's a lot of qualities I used and learned in law enforcement that will help me if I were selected. So no where near the greatest qualifications but I think I still have a chance. Now, let me talk about my experience so far with this process. Started talking to my recruiter February of LAST year. Initially they told me I couldn't do woft bc I was prior service. Not the type to give up that easily so I called the warrant officer at Bragg, found out that wasn't true, and got it straightened out with my recruiter. Was able to go and test fairly quickly, passed then hit a break wall. They switched me to a different recruiter who hadn't been doing it for very long. I did all the initial paperwork but he said since I had LASIK it had to get approved. So 10 months later still nothing, and I called my recruiter every 2 weeks to figure out what was wrong. So I got tired of it. I called usarec and spoke to the SFC who handles woft packets. He told me my recruiter is bsing me, he told me he would get in touch with their battalion and get it straightened out. I also went ahead and called his station commander and let her know what was going on. So the next day I get a call from the same recruiter, get come in we need to redo ALL your paperwork. A couple weeks later that recruiter is no longer recruiter and now I have a new one. Went to meps 4 times (twice bc of an error made not by me) and now I'm waiting for waivers before I can do my flight physical. They said as soon as I get those two waivers my recruiter said it'll just be a walk in for my flight physical. The board is sooooooo close I can't taste it. Well sorry. I wrote a lot more then I expected. Let me know what you think!
  9. Your situation was a lot like mine. My recruiter told me my LASIK information was sent up to usarec. After calling my recruiter every 2 weeks and him just telling me my stuff is at usarec I got fed up so I called usarec. Spoke to the SFC who handles all woft packets and he told me my recruiter is completely bsing me. That SFC was able to help me out, call my recruiters battalion and got my ball rolling again. After waiting 10 months I was finally able to get to meps and get this thing started up again. And that recruiter isn't a recruiter anymore, I don't know if it was bc of this incident but honestly it doesn't matter why. If you're having issues with your recruiter ask to speak with the station commander, if that person is giving you issues keeping moving up. Just remember stay positive. Ask questions and don't let them screw you around.
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