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  1. I'm at K16 currently. It's a great place to be if you're looking for flight time. Negative on off-post housing for unaccompanied.
  2. First off, this forum has helped me out tremendously with information about the whole WOFT packet process. I am thankful to the posters on here who have shared there experiences, and I plan to share my own when I ship. I was selected in July as a civilian, and my BCT ship date is Dec 29. I have been looking over the forums to use the months I have to prep as much as I can for flight school, wocs, and bct. From what I gather so far: BCT- not really much to study, just focus on running and keeping apft score up. Prepare to embrace the suck haha WOCS- some talk about getting ahold of the SOP, but also heard that I will have plenty of time to study it at Rucker. Land Nav worries me the most because it is go/no go and I have never done a military Land Nav course. Anything I can do to prep for that besides the futuresoldier online course? Flight School- found this site and blog to be helpful http://www.flightschoolstudyguide.com/blog.aspx Mentions 5&9 should be studied extensively before school begins so I bought an app with those flashcards to get my feet wet and am taking an intro heli flight just so my nickel ride won't be the first time I take the controls. Is there anything that you would suggest adding to the list?
  3. Selected July '14, awaiting ship date

  4. AGE: 24 ASVAB/GT: 96/ 139 SIFT: 66 APFT: 287 EDUCATION: BBA in Finance 3.3GPA FLIGHT: 32hrs fixed wing BOARD: 74/75 LORS: Navy LTC (ret.), USAFA professor Lt. Col. (ret.), AF Captain (ret.), WO1 Apache mechanic, CW5 Apache pilot OTHER INFO: Eagle Scout, USAA work exp SELECTED: Civilian, July 2014
  5. Thanks! I am a civilian. Yes hopefully there are others that hear the good news I did as well! The recruiter first joked with me and told me I wasn't selected, talk about biting nails! haha
  6. Just found out this morning I was selected via phone call from recruiter!!!! Headed up next week to swear in and get my ship dates! Best of luck to all the civilians and AD in this board!
  7. Looking at the other topics i've seen anywhere from 2-6months for a ship date for BCT for civilians, but I assume you would be going straight to WOCS so i'm not sure if that time frame would differ. I need to get back to my PT routine too. Took my last APFT 2 weeks ago and have been slacking since I got the score I wanted
  8. Can't stop thinking about if I make it/not make it next week. Good Luck to everybody in this board!
  9. Been working on the packet since February and should be all set for the July board. I really need to get the PT score up, but other than that I feel that things are in order. AGE: 24 ASVAB/GT: 96/139 SIFT: 66 APFT: 254 EDUCATION: B.B.A. in Finance, 3.3 GPA MEDICAL: Passed everything, no waivers, physical back from Rucker FLIGHT: 32 hrs fixed wing BOARD: TBD LORS: Air Force Captain (ret.), USAFA Professor, Navy Commander (ret.), CW5 Apache Pilot Extra info: Fraternity treasurer, Eagle Scout, USAA work experience
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