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  1. When the Wright brothers left the ground 105 times and the witnesses of 1904 in wonderment This is the most recent free book about one of the greatest technical frauds of the twentieth century. The work is based only on primary sources, mainly documents of the period 1903-1905, in majority letters of the two brothers and the answers received by them, plus newspaper articles (all quoted in full). After reading the letters and articles you start to ask yourself how is it possible that so many authors credit Wilbur and Orville Wright with building the first heavier-than-air man carrying
  2. The Wright brothers’ patents and their low importance for aviation The Wright brothers were two American inventors who claimed they built and piloted powered heavier-than-air flying machines in 1903, 1904, 1905 and May 1908 and really flew planes in front of numerous witnesses, including personalities of the aeronautic world, starting with August 8, 1908, when Wilbur, the elder of them, was seen up in the air above the Hunaudières racecourse near Le Mans, France. The article “Le premier vol, en France, du premier homme oiseau” by François Peyrey (L’Auto, Paris, August 9, 1908, col. 1-2, p
  3. It seems incredible but this is the kind of "solid evidence" the pro Wrights historians use to prove the two brothers invented the practical (or impractical) airplane: 1905-10-06, “The Flight of a Flying Machine”, Dayton Daily News, Ohio, US, October 6, 1905. The Flight of a flying Machine —— Was in the Air Twenty-Five Minutes Thursday Afternoon Near Simms Station. —— WRIGHT BROTHERS HAVE PERFECTED INVENTION. —— Have Been Experimenting All Week on the Huffman Prairies, East of Dayton, With Their Aeroplane. —— LARGE PARTY SEES TESTS. —— The Inventors and Builders of the Machine Have Built a She
  4. The airplane flight is not a fraud but it has little to do with the Wright brothers who before August 8, 1908, just made noise in newspapers and magazines showing nothing but gliders. The first people witnessed taking off with planes are: Santos Dumont (13 Sep. 1906), Traian Vuia (7 Oct. 1906). Wilbur Wright built his first working plane in France during the summer of 1908. A letter dated July 24, 1908, sent from France by Hart O. Berg (a business representative of the two brothers) to Orville Wright, who was in Dayton, US, clearly states that Wilbur was building his plane in Le Mans, France
  5. Aviation appeared in 1906. Before that year there is absolutely no evidence about it other than ridiculous claims like the ones made by the Wright brothers (over 160 flights!! between Dec. 1903 and Oct. 1905) or Gustave Whitehead. This article is the main contribution of the Wright brothers to the development of aviation. The next contribution came on August 8, 1908, when they showed their plane on the ground and in the air, for the first time. 1904-01-06, “Wright Flyer. A Report of Late Tests Is Given by Messrs. Wright, Inventors of the Machine.”, Dayton Press, Ohio, US, January 6, 1904.
  6. The Wright brothers were two frauds If you do not believe me, read this free collection of letters and articles: "A. I. Root, the liar number four after the Wright Brothers and their mentor, Octave Chanute". The story about the more than 160 flights performed by the Wright brothers between December 17, 1903, and August 7, 1908, rely just on one witness, Amos I. Root from Medina Ohio, the only one quoted by Orville Wright as independent and disinterested. Root claimed in an article which appeared in January 1905 that he had seen Wilbur Wright flying in a circuit on September 20, 19
  7. The American Civil War helicopter that lifted 600 pounds. Hundreds of people saw it. 1904-06-24, Edward Wellman Serrell, “A Flying Machine in the Army”, Science, New York, N. Y., June 24, 1904, vol. XIX, no. 495, pp. 952-955. A Flying Machine in the Army ————— The first thing done was to make a fan eighteen inches in diameter, rotate it at different speeds and see how much it would lift. The fan was made of very thin brass, and upon a wire frame, very much the same shape as those now used for ventilating and blowing, driven by electricity. It was found that a hollow blade with a blun
  8. "the brothers only “glided” off Kill Devil Hill that day. Their first real flight came on May 6, 1908", Alpheus W. Drinkwater, telegraph operator "Wilbur and Orville Wright are credited with making their first powered flight in a heavier-than-air machine on Dec. 17, 1903. But AIpheus W. Drinkwater, 76 years old, who sent the telegraph message ushering in the air age, said the brothers only “glided” off Kill Devil Hill that day. Their first real flight came on May 6, 1908, he said." Source: New York Times, Dec. 17, 1951 (see the attachement).
  9. There are many technical problems with Flyer I 1903. The plane was unstable, underpowered and had propellers that appeared only in 1908, exactly in the same year when the Wright brothers flew for the first time in front of credible witnesses, more than 8 months after Orville Wright saw Henri Farman flying in Paris on November 18, 1907. The brothers simply lied about their flights in 1903-1905. They built their planes in France in 1908 with french engines (Barriquand et Marre), french propellers and using the entire French flight experience of 1908. see: http://wright-brothers.wikidot.com
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