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  1. https://www.airwarriors.com/community/index.php?threads/officer-first-pilot-second.42965/
  2. Do those schools emphasize that you are a leader of soldiers first and foremost? The Marines really push that. They will say "you are all here because you want to lead Marines." Regardless if you're a flight contract or infantry contract. Everyone nods their head but the truth is if Naval Aviation didn't exist they wouldn't have even applied. I thought that a warrant in the Army was a specialist not a jack of all trades like the MC expects it's officers to be.
  3. In the Marines I would be a Marine and then a pilot, I would have to learn how to lead a platoon of Marines in combat, I would do B billets like forward air controller and maybe a tour as an officer selection officer. In the Army I would be a pilot for my whole career and not have to lead troops and get promoted out of the cockpit. Right?
  4. Thanks for that, Velocity. I'd hate to be that guy who says "yeah I really love my job the only problem is I never get to do it."
  5. Isn't flying for the Army badass? I'm sure some of you pilots fly in SOAR carrying rangers or CAG on the skids of your little birds. I don't understand why you guys think the Navy would be better. Fly in the Army, maybe get to fly medevac, chance to fly for the special forces, do the DCA Aviator program with the coast guard, fly search and rescue. What an amazing career and a life well spent. Am I missing something?
  6. Wouldn't it be a mistake to join the Marine Corps and want to fly as well then because they send their aviators to OCS then 6 months of infantry training (the basic school). I want to be a pilot and be as good at that as I can, I don't have the desire to command an air wing or get paid more as a commissioned officer. I am fine with any additional duties I need to perform but would like to do my best and fly
  7. Do warrant officers mostly fly as opposed to leading and managing soldiers? I know that in the Navy and Marines you'll be an officer first and pilot second. What attracted me about being a warrant officer in the Army was the idea that I would be a pilot first and specialize in that for my career. Do warrants fly way more than Marine and Navy pilots? I read that Navy and MC pilots rarely fly during primary while warrants spend a 1/2 day in class and 1/2 day on the flight line during flight school. The idea of being a pilot in the Marines and Navy is awesome but if you don't get to actually fly very much I'd way rather actually be flying in the Army.
  8. 25 years old, Studied French at Humboldt State, got nice letters from former professors, having to be physically qualified before submitting your packet weeds out lots of applicants. It's a very good time to apply, acceptance rates are really high.
  9. I was thinking worst case WOFT would be to fail wocs and incur a 4 year enlistment obligation
  10. I think that's really what it comes down to. I think if I couldn't fly I would want to be in the Navy the most. Thank you for that insight.
  11. Interesting. Don't care much for getting jets, it's not as cool as it used to be. It's fly by wire and auto carrier landing systems. Jet pilots will be replaced by robots sooner than helo pilots. I think flying a helicopter would take more skill. I just watched "when I have your wounded." Amazing film, amazing people. I hadn't considered what you said about how the wars are over and the medevac job will be different in peace time.
  12. That's interesting. Both of the Marine OSO's that I've worked with on the application are infantry officers and they were really positive and helpful about getting an air contract. They even setup that a current Marine pilot come in to speak with the candidates. One let me borrow a study guide for the ASTB the first week I was there. I guess It just comes down to the individual and in such a large force there are bound to be good and bad ones.
  13. I was selected on the last board for WOFT. The process was so long that I began applying to other branches. My dream when I began this application was to fly medevac because I have a brother in the military and he told me stories about army Dustoff that truly inspired me. I thought that this went right in hand with aspirations to be a pilot. I felt and still feel that my motive is pure. Well in the year it took to get accepted the Army did a freaking tremendous job of looking like the inferior branch. By some miracle I got accepted to Navy OCS on an SNA contract and will probably get accepted to Marine OCS. I just mention that because the process for WOFT and the way my recruiter handled the whole thing was night and day with the Navy and MC. So my question is: is it enough to want to join the army with the sole goal of flying medevac. I know I would love doing that and do well at it. Or should I go with the branch that has been much more professional. I'd like being on a ship or near water so the Navy might be better. I respect all branches of our armed forces I'm just trying to make a hard decision. I have been very impressed with the USMC, I have not been impressed with the Army. But the Army flies dedicated medevac missions.
  14. I still haven't gotten a call. Hopefully tomorrow is a good day for us
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