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  1. Here are the stats. The specific names list I cant publish. They include their USAREC PRID which would be considered PII. (A'int about to get hymned up before I'm off to WOCS.)
  2. PM your name and I can check the list. Edit: Civilian List
  3. Cant post the list here. Too much PII (Personally Identifiable Information). You can shoot a PM and I can screen shot just your name if you would prefer.
  4. You will get your Phase 2 reservation within the next 7 days. Don't sweat the phase 1 reservation. Its generic and encompasses the entire Fiscal year.
  5. She is looking at the Active Duty Packet Dates. 1-2 weeks is fine if you do not have any waivers
  6. Street to Seaters do not have a particular section in the packet for your resume like the AD applicants do. If you feel like it would make you more competitive and have held jobs with major leadership roles, then by all means, include it in your Essay
  7. Packet will be completed by the recruiter. From there it has to be QC'd (Quality Check) by the Battalion operations NCOIC. Once it is checked, it will be forwarded to Proponent for any waivers and finally to Ft Knox and USAREC for the actual board. Times at proponent vary depending if you have to have any waivers approved. That being said, it is not necessary for the packet to be signed of by the Battalion Commander, however, the BC will normally like to take a look at it for errors. Occasionally the applicant will get a call from the BC or Bn XO if they have any questions. Hope this helps!
  8. Sounds like you are already on a good path. I wouldn't worry too much about the ASVAB. You will have two chances at it (PiCAT and then ASVAB if you didn't do well). I would focus on the SIFT. You can only take it once if you make over a 40 so you want to get as high as possible. You will be able to take the ASVAB and SIFT @ MEPS. I agree with the CWO, wait until March and your LASIK time is up. If you have had any other medical stuff done, go ahead and track ALL of your medical records down. This will save you a TON of time. The enlistment packet is pretty basic and be filled out in a couple of hours so no worries there. All in all I would say, get a head start on your letters of recommendation and your essay for wanting to be an Army Aviator. After that, study for the SIFT and work on PT! Good luck!
  9. Start on 6 June. Report date is 10 Days prior. Got my RFO about 4 days after I got my class date. With my Orders being cut about 3 days after that. I could not find any threads with specific timelines when I was waiting for my ATRRS email. haha. Hope this helps!
  10. Was selected in November board (AD Army). Didnt get my Phase 2 Reservation until 32 days after the list came out
  11. Short Answer is yes. However I think you have to wait 7 years for it to fall completely off of your record. Getting a security clearance when you are already in is the easiest way. Your recruiter still has to fill out you SF 86, it is just nor processed for a clearance. Once you get to your Unit, you will already have the SF 86 done, turn it into your S2 and get your PSIP started. That's what I am aware of but perhaps somebody on this forum has had a different experience.
  12. So the WOFT program is technically an enlistment, you are just enlisting to go to WOCS/Flight School. In order to qualify for basic enlistment, the DUI is waiverable. However, with the waiver you do not initially qualify for a Secret security clearance. A secret clearance is required for WOFT. You are qualified to enlist but not qualified for an initial security clearance. Once you are in, you can apply for one. That is the only way as of right now that you would be able to attend Flight School for the Army. I'm an AD recruiter, put a guy in 2 months ago with a DUI and Drug/Alcohol offense will not get an initial security clearance, once you get to your Unit and talk to your S2, you can fill out your SF 86 and they can start your clearance, but MEPCOM (MEPS) will not approve you initially.
  13. Can confirm this. Basic Training slots are not allocated just so an individual can go to BCT. Every date is tied to an Advanced Individual Training seat/slot/date. In your case your AIT is WOCS. Once its reserved you can not do anything about it, you signed the contract. Sometimes we as recruiters can see really quick ship dates but it is because someone had a job reserved and either DEP lossed or did not enlist in the 7 day window. Sorry.
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