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  1. Thanks.....new to the sight and didn't know they had that section
  2. Hi All, A few months ago I was selected to attend the Army's flight training program. I have no experience flying helicopters, and would like advice on things I can be doing in the months leading up to WOCS that will better prepare me for flight training. One person suggested buying some books from "The Hanger" and memorizing the 5/9s (study guide and supplement) for the TH-67. I purchased a two book series (from the Hanger) and the TH-67 supplement and have memorized the Primary One study book (1st of two books) that goes over chapters 5/9 and some of 8, even though there is a slight chance I might not be on the TH-67 when I get there. I still have two months before attending WOCS and am seeking advice from anyone willing to give some as to what else I can get my hands on that will make it slightly easier for me in the course. TIA
  3. I was selected on the May board,so far this is how it worked for me (active duty): 1-2 weeks I got an email with a welcome packet and notification that my distance learning phase one date had Ben scheduled. It also gave instructions on how to enroll into the dl phase... Be careful though because in those instructions it states u can't enroll until u get your phase 2 date I had to wait about 1-2 weeks after receiving the first email until I got my phase 2 (wocs) date. In that email I got my wocs date and wobc class date (7-8 months away from selection date) I just finished dl phase online, u get 90days to complete and I would say it took me a little over a month to do.... Chugging along at a moderate pace Anyway congrats to all... This is as far as I got so far... Advice given to me was know the sop before u go...which wil be given to u during your online phase 1
  4. that's good to know... I am going to research at work tomorrow, and then call HRC to see whats up.... I am sure I will get the same answer as you did but we will see
  5. ALARACT 044/2014.... its hard to decipher for me, but that what it looks like it says. Additionally, I have a buddy who just graduated WOCS (153A candidate) and he said that's what there WOC commander said too. I am going to do some poking around and see if that is what this ALARACT message is eluding too If you shoot me your email address I can just send it to you...let me know what you think about this thing??
  6. Just got mine for JAN.... going to see if there is a way to push left??
  7. WOW, I guess on the bright side... you were selected
  8. I am in the same boat....AD, got the Phase I (on-line) email but no phase 2 dates. I guess its just a waiting game for now.... I will say I am hoping it is a lot sooner than March.... My DEROS for Germany is Jan 2015... I would imagine it would have to be before that. In addition, is anyone else reading the new ALARCT message which looks like it states WOCS is now a TDY and return for 153A's..... meaning you go to WOCS, pass, and then come back to "where ever" and then PCS to Rucker???
  9. I have access to the MILPER messages page.... anyone with a CAC can access it. Its www.hrc.army.mil, and then I just goto MILPER message search. I use Warrant Officer 153A as the key words and the most recent messages pop up. Nothing yet for AD though..... is that what you were asking for??
  10. AGE WAIVER Question, My packet is currently getting looked at in the May board. My 33rd Birthday is July 5th, meaning if I do not get selected during this board the packet should automatically go to the July Board. Does anyone know if this means (in between boards) I will have to submit for an age waiver. I don't want to sound negative, but do want to be realistic...if I should not get selected and do need an age waiver I would want to submit that ASAP....any help would be appreciated.
  11. I have been reading on/off for a little bit now. Seems to be one of the better sources of info out there. My question to the group is, if the May board is scheduled for the 12-16th; what is normal for finding out results (Active Duty specifically). I see on the WO website it states that they do not publish unofficial results anymore, that you need to wait for a MILPER message to come out, which could take up to two weeks. Does anyone have any experience that could state differently....and if so, where do you go to get it (Do you receive an email or something???)
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