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  1. Astar is French machine and French machines have right paddle as power paddle , correct me if i am wrong .
  2. Sir thanks a lot for detailed reply , 11000 hours of experience cant be wrong .
  3. Hy friends i am a new member over here . Brief introduction , i am military pilot , 800 hours on multi engine helicopter. This morning someone asked me what wind ie from left or right , is gonna assist me during landing in case it's a crosswind ?. Since my frist day in Aviation i have been taught in case of cross wind better keep it on power paddle. I am talking about MI 17 it has puller type tail rotor and right paddle being power paddle . So naturally my answer was wind from right but he said from left . He showed me service manual and it had mentioned in case takeoff is to be done in cross wind , preferable wind is from left . I somehow couldnt relate it with landing as in take off you are entering ETL and in landing you are getting out of ETL. Now my question is can someone throw some light on this topic. What should be the ideal wind to land in case of cross wind . Does it have to do something with LTE and does puller and pusher type tail rotor makes difference ? thanks in advance .
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