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  1. Thanks everyone I really appreciate it. I plan on trying to get some fixed wing ratings and will get a new medical for that. I didn't decide I wanted to go for a flight until the night before leaving for a TDY and was unable to get a medical.
  2. Its been a while since I logged in around here, and even longer since I have flown. I obtained my CPL in 2015 and also had my IR. I currently do not have a valid medical. I will be in NYC soon and made the spontaneous decision to want to do a flight while in NYC. I've looked through the FARs some and I think I am on the right track but not entirely sure. I would like to go for a flight in NYC while I'm there and would obviously need a CFI. Am I correct in thinking that I could essentially ask a school for like a 2 hour intro flight without having a current medical, as long as I do not log any flight time? I of course would love to do a few autos and have some fun, but understand that is unlikely. I would be happy just going for a nice 1-2 hour flight and being on the controls as much as I can. FYI my main hang up on this is that 1. I do not have a current medical, 2. I am not current. Also if anyone can recommend any good schools to reach out to in the NYC area I would appreciate it.
  3. I used rechargeable energizer batteries in my Lightspeed Zulu 2s and I am pretty sure all the instructors used some sort of rechargeable batteries too. I had 2 in my headset, and then typically another 2 in my headset bag and 4 non rechargeable in the bag too. I tried to change the batteries once a week and I think I only ran into an issue twice and found out the hard way that ANR without batteries sucks... I never noticed any difference when using rechargeable batteries.
  4. What is the current max amount allowed while working on a license through an IHL? I completed up through my commercial with instrument rating prior to all the changes a few years ago, but due to an internship and all the changes I decided to just focus on my degree and graduate. Now its been about two years since I last flew and I am looking to get into flying again since the job hunt is taking longer than I expected in a non-aviation field.
  5. I have a portable battery made by anker that I purchased for like $30
  6. I've heard shindig knows of a good place.
  7. How did you manage to grab the IP? The only ways I can think of without being an admin would be considered malicious
  8. There are a few active admins/mods since all new members posts need approved. This forum likely has an admin area where all generated reports are sent. Any one assigned as a moderator on this forums will also likely receive a forum PM and email to their registered account. That's how a lot of forums are setup.
  9. For Christ's sake I am not shinf*ck. Who had the displeasure of speaking to him on the phone. I would be more than happy to call them up or call one of the others up to try and show I'm not him. My guess is that the ninja edit feature didn't work since media was also involved (a picture). I would be more than will to post a screenshot of my inbox to show he messaged me. And if we are back to that YouTube thing, I was a bored college student sitting in class not paying attention to anything the professor was saying. And Google images is amazing.
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