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  1. We had a couple of E-5/6 from the AF that just graduated from WOCS for aviation as well as to be WO in the fields. They went through BCT, only one didn't because he was Security Forces. And they were E-5s going through BCT, basically just checking boxes. Not 100% your situation, but I hope it helps.
  2. They will be updating their Aug 2014 version, just sayin. Don't leave your ASUs in the laundry before the class starts.
  3. Please PM me with their location, I'll be going to B Co pretty soon.
  4. Misinformation, since the process isn't very common they have varying information on it, it happened to me. Worst case, your recruiter might want to call my recruiter over in PR. He now understands the process very well. Caguas, PR ARMY Recruiting Station SFC Rodriguez
  5. I got selected last year, street to seat, and on xmas break from WOCS. Go to the board or your batallion interview. They asked for my 1st class medical, if I didn't pass that then it was kindda pointless for them to interview me. Then your packet gets pushed up the chain. Your recruiter should only have to submit your packet before the deadline for the board. You should not have to physically pass through any more boards, but your packet will. That's what happened with me, but I was originally told I might need to fly for a secondary board, it's just miscommunication. Unless stated otherwise by the Warrant Officer site, you should only need to submit your packet with the board dates that have your MOS listed. Hope this helps.
  6. Street to seat, only 31hrs of previous flight experience.... Sh....
  7. Considering output will be diminished due to lower selection rates in WOCS, I doubt there will be many disruptions. My class is at 38 Candidates right now.
  8. Which unit is that? That is a team I'd like to be a part of.
  9. Please tell me I don't have to wear the white underwear while at WOCS.
  10. I hope I don't have any huge bubbles, what do you do in between?
  11. Could you please elaborate on the OPSEC comment, purely for my benefit.
  12. Happened to me too, dare I say it might just be "normal".
  13. For some questions, there is simply no right answer, depending on the person, they might want to hear a different answer. After telling him that was a tough question, I said: "With all due respect I have to disagree with you. I might not be qualified now, but the ARMY will make me qualified to be the best or one of the best" and blabbered on for a bit But again, it hit a big nerve. Another answer could be, "what do you think I need to be qualified?" You do show you are humble, but they might take it as a lack of confidence. But like I said it can go either way. Keeping it simple and positive is always the best way to go about it, don't open yourself to attack, share your experiences, in my experience, they really liked that.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1514585552108574/ For those who want to keep in touch with others in the same class.
  15. Surge News- The Xtreme commute to work:
  16. Will the M model still have more capabilities than the V models? What are they?
  17. 2.23606 miles away after one minute.
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