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  1. It's just a 4187 signed by a CO commander or higher. It's a pass units that you been stationed with and all you need is an ERB or ORB showing that you were with that unit at one point. If you have the old 4187 that was sent up you can just update it at S1 and have them send it to HRC for you OMPF. Then new 4187 will go to S1 and they can update it and just make sure they send it up to HRC so it goes in your OMPF.
  2. I found the NCOER information for anyone else wondering about it. AR623-3 3-40 Change of Rater f. When an NCO is accepted for Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS), a “Change of Rater” NCOER will be prepared with a “THRU” date that is the day before the warrant officer departs for WOCS. Note. If an NCO does not graduate from WOCS, the time will be counted as nonrated time (code S) on the next NCOER. Upon appointment as a warrant officer, the warrant officer’s first OER, which will begin after completion of WOBC, will have a “FROM” date that is the date of appointment. This paragraph does not apply to USAR TPU, DIMA, or IRR Soldiers (see para G–5, for guidance on OERs for newly commissioned USAR officers and newly appointed USAR warrant officers).
  3. About a year ago they started to do TDY and return for WOCS. I'm sure it's do to having a couple NCO's that would go and fail. But my questions are as follow: 1. When do you close out your NCOER? -do you sign it after WOCS and sign it as a WO1 2. PCS award - I guess that would go with question 1. But they do it after WOCS. 3. Things to worry about at WOCS? - Not to worried about PT, but how do they grade? correct perfectly I could do 85 or I can do 110 not locking all the way out going up - Is the Run on a track or little hill road. is it flat? - Land Nav - I heard 2 or 3 points are by the road. How far are the movements and are the maps decent that we use? 1:50 or 1:25 4. PCSing - as soon as we get orders for WOCS we can be put on the housing list. Do we just move during that month break after WOCS to WOBOLC? 5. Best area to live with kids and I like to go to the gym and run. 6. Anything to buy before hand 7. What to start studying for WOCS. I got chapter 5 and 9 but anything to help me for WOCS would be better to know right now for me. Thanks for the help and pointers!
  4. Working in TRADOC I will tell you that you can protest any ethical issues and take it to the next chain of command. There's no way a leadership school would ever let this happen, even after it's pointed out as an issue from a standards point.
  5. AGE: 29 GT: 115 SIFT: 44 APFT: 300 EDUCATION: 4 classes away from a B.S. in Criminal Justice with a current GPA-3.4 FLIGHT: None, but being Infantry I explained the expectations from the ground and using air support. I.E. medvacs, recon, and gun runs (Everything I used from my deployments) MILITARY EXPERIENCE: 7years TIS, E6(P), might make E-7 before WOCS, ALC (CL), WLC (CL), Ranger School, Airborne, Air Assault, TTC, EIB, CIB, and so on-bunch other courses. LORS: BN, CO, and CW4 standardization SELECTED: May 2014 WOCS date 15-009, anyone else going to this date hit me up. Dropped my packet two different times. I was a PVT and SPC with no schools, awards, or deployments before this look. Took me 5 years to do every badge school, deployments, and college to get here. This was the 5th look/time my packet went across this board. I think they just felt bad for me or see that I've been working hard to excel in the Army
  6. any other tabbed infantry guys get picked up?
  7. do you get to pick your location at the same time or is that at the end of aircraft training?
  8. Thanks, are you guys at Rucker now? I'm at Benning now and will be at phase two in Feb.
  9. Not looking for any answers to the questions but more about the exam it's self. I'm about to take Exam 1 next week. Anything to be worried about? trick questions? How many questions are there, etc.? Anything to help out would be great. Thanks
  10. My ATRRS profile/email they sent me for WOCS phase 2
  11. It's for NCO's who are doing WOCS Phase 1 online. It's for AD
  12. Just found this website and was picked up this past board. I have a WOCS phase 2 date of 18Feb2015. About to take Exam 1 of DL, anyone take it already? Anything major to look out for? Not too worried about it but don't want to get caught of guard.
  13. Just seeing who got selected this past May board 2014 and has a WOCS date for 18Feb2015?
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