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  1. What is the link for it? I guess I do not know how to search on facebook or I just didn't see it.
  2. I am also in 15-013 and have a WOBC start date of 5/25.
  3. On my way to MEPS and shipping to basic today! Good luck to everyone on the board!
  4. Right on. I'm at Tyndall right now. I start Army BCT in November. If you have any questions about getting your packet together being Air Force just give me a shout. Good luck!
  5. I went to the local recruiting office and had an E-7 proctor my APFT. He filled out the DA Form 705, digitally signed it, and emailed it to me. I finished the DA Form 61 with the score and routed it to my commander with the 705 for proof and he signed it. It didn't say anywhere about attaching the 705 so I just put it at the end with all the extra documents just in case. Where are you stationed?
  6. The basic reservation MEPS gave me says I would be E-5. I guess I will find out when I get hard copy orders in November....
  7. That doesn't sound like basic training at all lol. Im going to Ft Jackson. Thanks for the info.
  8. Just curious if any prior service have went back through BCT and if so how was your experience? I am going through as an E-5 prior Air Force in November and just curious what to expect. Sorry if this topic has been covered, I searched the forum but didn't see anything. Thanks.
  9. Got my basic dates this week. I am going to Fort Jackson November 18th.
  10. I received those 3 and one other one with instructions for inter-service transfers.
  11. I came in as an E-3 for signing up for 6 years.
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