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  1. As I started my journey to become a Warrant Officer Aviator back in 2009 when I first started raising my GT score, Passing the AFAST and Passing the Flight Physical, building a strong packet and going to board on 2010 and not being selected, I never gave up, built my packet again in 2012 and passed my Flight Physical again going to the board again while Deployed in Afghanistan, and once again I was not selected, While in Afghanistan in 2012 (pretty much by the same week the board convene) I was hit with an IED , but nothing serious happened and continued the mission for the rest of the deployment (about 7 more months), when I returned Stateside at Ft Bliss for DEMOB (I'm a Reservist) the care providers asked me if everything was wrong with me and I told them that I was hit with an IED and felt a little back pain every now and them ( very minimal) , and they suggested me to stay as MEDICAL hold until I recover (which I accept it just to be safe) and they did an MRI and found something on my lower back, (i can't even spell it) and they told my all I need it a few physical therapy sessions and I should be good to go, ( to me make the long story short , I spent a year in the WTU program and went true 3 sessions of physical therapy and then released me back to Reserve status, while my time was ending in the WTU I took the opportunity to go ahead and retake my flight physical so I can apply again this time on the Reserve side since they didn't have Reserve aviation in Puerto Rico,.. Today I get the noticed that because of what they found on the MRI I was disqualified and my Flight physical got rejected including an exception to policy, which I didn't knew that I need it one but I guess my flight surgeon requested one, I rapidly went to the nearest flight surgeon (Ft Belvoir) and told me to find another MOS... I have the most mix feelings I could ever imagine, I feel that I was betrayed by the own Army that I have been serving for the past 12 1/2 years... and pretty much I feel lost and even considered not reenlisting before I ETS in January 2015... Is this really the end for me to pursue the life long dream of becoming a Military Aviator?? is there anything else that I can do to by pass this??? any thoughts and advice will be really appreciated Thanks and sorry for the long story , just wanted you to see it from my point of view --Manutech
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