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  1. Depends on whether or not you want to have cell/data when you're away from your wifi on the ground. Our AWR prohibits the use of GPS, Wi-Fi, 3/4G in flight anyways, so it's not really going to make much of a difference in the cockpit. Unless the rules are different for other airframes, which I'm not sure about (but doubt it). I also recommend GoodReader for iPad, you can sync it with google drive, save annotated PDF's, view powerpoints, and do all kinds of other junk.
  2. I signed into B Co this past week, word on the street is that ATRRS slots for WOBC are definite as of now. We were told that we're classing up right away during the in-brief. We have about a week, whereas some guys are getting about a month. 7-week WOCS is about to graduate though, so that will flood the pipeline a bit I'm guessing. We'll see.
  3. I want to pick up heavy crap and put it somewhere else. Plus, the idea of flying a long metal Pringles can full of sweat, Copenhagen, and hate into a hot LZ gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.
  4. Has anyone gained access to the DL Blackboard yet?
  5. Get with your BN retention NCO. Yes, 01 October is the course start date. You can complete your enrollment prior to the course start. Not sure if you'll get black board access before that date, I haven't gotten confirmation on my account yet. If it's anything like ALC Common Core, you have 90 days from the day the course material is open on your black board account to complete it.
  6. Yeah, I was surprised by it too, but it is what it is.
  7. WOCS Class 15-018: 24 Jun 15 - 29 Jul 15 WOBC-CC-A Class 15-023: 30 Aug 15 - 05 Oct 15
  8. Five days for mine. It depends though, just stand by. This entire process is a giant waiting game. Soon you'll get to experience the agonizing pain of waiting for board results to publish and, if you're lucky, for ATRRS dates to populate!
  9. As a Warrant Officer you will be expected to resource. http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/ Move out, draw fire.
  10. I didn't know a single pilot when I was hunting for letters, I just started networking. Smoking and joking after cold load training, hanging around for a few minutes after a training AAR, etc. Being in the Marines that might be tough as you may not work directly with Army Aviation as much. If you're near an Army airfield, swing by and see what's up. I've found for the most part that Aviation Warrants tend to be pretty laid back and are often willing to help you out. Someone hooked them up back in the day and I've had several tell me that they are always willing to do the same to help an aspiring candidate. Just make sure you're serious and have a good start on your packet, I didn't make it upstairs to see the big dogs until my packet was 100% complete minus the ONE letter I was seeking.
  11. 2-3 weeks of mopping cement, saying the Soldier's Creed 25 times before chow, and pretending that you're the toughest dude on earth when you walk by the class that's 3 days behind you and still wearing PT shoes in ACUs.
  12. What's the WOCS policy look like for going over in the OH quantity? Is it strictly adhered to? Packing list specifies 1 pkg of note cards, but that seems underkill after glossing through the WOCSOP. It also states that "the required quantity is also the authorized quantity. Duplicate items are considered static items and could be grounds for elimination from the program." Are there opportunities to go to MCSS during WOCS or is resupply a request by memorandum kind of thing?
  13. Hell of a motivating story for prospective candidates! That's a lesson on determination and how it's done when looking to separate yourself from your peers. I'm waiting on my ATRRS slot, hoping for the same class date...or as close as I can get.
  14. I was selected on the same board, and on the AD Army side of the house the only thing that I've seen so far is that the AEA code on my ERB has changed to I : WARRANT OFFICER CANDIDATE ACTION PENDING. I guess that's a whole lot better than nothing. Is there an assignment availability code on your service record brief? If so, that might be an indicator of busywork to come. Edit: Also, when I creep on the RFO link on HRC it no longer says "Unsupported Soldier"... Basically now it tells me to take a knee, face out, and drink water.
  15. Is that 7 AND 8 months respectively for WOCS and then WOBC, or just for WOCS? Also, I assume both were in the form of an ATRRS reservation...?
  16. Age: 26 GT: 116 SIFT: 64 APFT: 284 Education: High School Flight Experience: None LOR's: Company Commander (O-3), Battalion Commander (O-5), CW4 Standardization Pilot (OH-58D), CW4 Instructor Pilot (CH-47) Other Info: 11B, 8 years TIS AD Army, 1 year TIG as a Staff Sergeant (E-6) - Tattoo Waiver Selected: July 2014
  17. Selected! Congratulations to all the others who made it.
  18. Just notified by HQDA, tattoo waiver approved! I'm in the running. Good luck again to all.
  19. From what I saw the last board, the AD results were released on the final day of the board (16 May). That being said, I checked MILPERs before PT today too.
  20. Checked with USAREC today, looking like no tattoo waiver going through as of now. Figured as much. Fingers crossed that they'll approve/disapprove by Monday. Just wanting an answer at this point. Good luck to the guys with board ready packets!
  21. I submitted a tattoo waiver on 28 April, it's still in a waiver status at USAREC.
  22. It's doable, but a pain. You have to go down to the PD, stand in line, pay a fee, and have your guns inspected and registered.
  23. Sixteen days until the board convenes. Still waiting on the tattoo waiver, been in "A" status for two months now. I am assuming that the waiver authority is either backlogged, viewing waivers on a pre-board timeline, or disapproving. Not sure which. I'm not holding onto much hope at this point since the new tattoo policy for officer accessions outlined in AR 670-1 is, unfortunately, a very effective way to shallow out the selection pool given the cutbacks of nowadays. Has anyone seen one approved yet?
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