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  1. I have looked and came across the Interagency Aviation Accident Prevention Bulletin No. IA APB 13-02 Dated April 30, 2013. This Bulletin states approved helments for DOI, forestry, and other govt agency contracts. Most of the helmets are the current military helmets in current use by the services. It also states a few other helmets. The purchase of a helmets is an expensive one and so as to not make a monumental mistake, I would like to know is there is a updated list.. I have heard there was some updated segments of the personal protection standards for flight crews, but cannot find
  2. Hello everyone, I am at a flight school that seems to have major problems associated with VA funding for flight training. The problem resides with the college...Westfield College in MA. Their program allows for distance learning and use the local flight school for flight training. The first thing that was told to me was that the VA had audited the college and found some discrepancies. According to the college, all is fine, and there is no problems. What problem has remained constant is accounts have been frozen or no further funding is available so all training has come to a screeching h
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