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  1. The 60M fixes almost everything I screw up. The flight director may be the greatest invention ever. You'll definitely appreciate it in instruments. Congrats on getting the best aircraft in the inventory!
  2. Don't know a unit yet. From my "research", I'd guess 2-25 since I'm a Blackhawk guy.
  3. Has anyone been stationed in Hawaii? Where's the best place to live? Any tips or pointers would be great! Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the info. I guess i'll just wait and see.
  5. When did you guys get you verbals on assignments? We're done with A/L, and into the M course, and haven't gotten anything yet. Thanks in advance!
  6. You don't lose your leave, it carries over. Until last year you could sell your leave after the transition, but that's no longer allowed. I didn't receive any kind of pay for almost 4 months, and sold something like 45 days to pay the bills. Everybody after my group of transitions has been forced to buy back any leave they sold. The only time officers (warrant or comissioned) are allowed to sell leave is if they are leaving active service through OSB or ETS. YOU WILL ALSO TAKE A PAY CUT. The rumor mill and even some guys at DFAS will talk about "Save Pay". It does not exist. You'll pick up W2 3-4 months after you get here, and then randomly get a back pay check that includes the difference in pay between w1&w2 for the few month you were a W2.
  7. I'm starting the 60 course here in the next few weeks, and I heard that the single fold knee board I used in primary isn't going to cut it. What do you guys recommend as a replacement? Thanks in advance.
  8. I had to read this twice to make sure I wasn't being accused!
  9. I UQR'd on 7 March and reappointed as a W1 on 8 Marchwith a report date to Rucker of 18 March last year.
  10. For the active guys the only two classes are ALSE and High Altitude trainer. Other than that, you'll get shut down.
  11. I was an ordnance CPT, and can tell you that Mr. Cooper was a huge asset in the transfer process. He's done it for a few guys, and in the end he helped me a ton when I couldn't get ahold of Ms. Nollett from HRC. He won't hold your hand, but he'll point you in the right direction.
  12. A direct energy weapon? You can't be serious. There are multiple aviation units in and around Houston, including a national guard unit in Conroe. In all likelihood, it's one of theirs. HPD flies around there too. C'mon man...a direct energy weapon?!
  13. It takes 3-6 months to get promoted to CW2, regardless of your previous commissioned rank. You have to report to Rucker as a WO1. You get looked at for CW3 two years ahead of your peers. My mentor here (CW4) said the shortage in hours shouldn't hurt us, but we need to track as soon as possible when you get to your units.
  14. If you're active duty, be aware that national guard gets priority on IERW slots, and count on sitting in B co longer than some of you peers. We had guard guys go straight to primary right out of SERE, while we waited almost a month to start.
  15. Save money now. During the conversion, I didn't get a paycheck for 3 1/2 months. I got back pay eventually, but it takes time for the Army to "catch up" with your new rank. The conversion to WO1 has to take place prior to your arrival to Rucker. If you come here still commissioned, it can delay your timeline. I arrived last February, and didn't pin on CW2 until July, so count on that process taking a while too. Message me if you have specific questions that I can help with.
  16. Fortunately the screen name isn't related to my real name or rank. It's actually a reference to my second favorite fictional character. Captain America used to be my favorite, but shindig has taken the title.
  17. Don, I'm not going to get into a pissing contest with you. BLUF, the first rule about SERE school is you don't talk about SERE school. That fact is especially true on an open forum, where G2 can be picked up by any personnel friendly or otherwise. Guys get kicked out of flight school for running their mouths. I don't doubt you attended a school, or possibly many schools, but current policy is not to speak about the training that goes on there.
  18. Friendly reminder, you signed a nondisclosure agreement if you've been to SERE, not to mention it can hinder the quality of training for people who know what to expect going in. This is probably not the place to be discussing what goes on there. Shindig...good luck. You're going to need it.
  19. Your previous duty positions stay in your ORB, and you OERs do not get masked. We were given a brief by one of the CW4s at B co, and he said that we need all of our OERs since we board for CW3 a year earlier than out peers.
  20. I was stingray last cycle. Faust will destroy you.
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