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  1. There isn't a tour operator around that'd let you sit up front for free. You'd be taking the best seat in the house from a paying customer. In cruise flight there aren't a lot of differences but helicopters don't make any money in cruise, they make money inside the height-velocity diagram. A better metric for helicopter experience would be landings (or sling cycles), but the FARs are written for airplanes so hours is what everyone uses. There's a big difference between a 5000 hr helo pilot and a 5000 hr airplane pilot. There's also a big difference between a utility helo pilot and an IFR
  2. He worked some sort of constructive credit arrangement IIRC. He'd been a combat engineer NCO prior to becoming a warrant, so between WOBC, flight school and his deployed leadership time he managed it somehow. I was surprised too.
  3. When I joined the guard the stipulation was that I had to revert. They generally preferred that I didn't take a field grade slot from their homegrown officers. By the time my FEDREC went thru, almost a year later, they wanted me to stay on as an O4, but that wasn't what I wanted. The BN SP is a reverted O3, and one of the facility MTPs is also a reverted O3. My old PL was a warrant that managed to get himself a direct commission to O1. Life's more fluid in the Guard.
  4. The manure spreader collapsed under the weight of all that horseshit.
  5. At that point in the course it will likely be your only food for quite some time.
  6. If you're merely uncomfortable with the prospect of killing an animal, you'll definitely have an opportunity for training. Since it's a religious issue I think the instructors would accommodate you, as long as you were still up to participate in the rest of that particular training event. If you can demonstrate that you can contribute to your team in that situation I'd wager you'd get a pass. Having grown up on a farm, though, I can tell you no chicken is innocent.
  7. SERE was the best training I ever got in the military, aside from flight school itself. I was one of the lucky ones who got to do it twice: B+ on the first run and the full C course when I went back to Rucker after they got the resistance lab up and running. Still great training both times. There's a few not so fun days. I got really sick both times I was in the field for unrelated-to-the-course reasons and was absolutely miserable through it all, but it was really valuable and any suffering that you experience there is nothing compared to the those who've done the real deal.
  8. Greyrider, there's no such thing as AD guard; there are AGR programs in the guard and reserves, but in the Army that's not something you'd walk into. The Air Force has a lot more AGR positions than the Army in their reserve components. The Air Force also has a Palace Chase program that lets you finish your UPT commitment in the reserve component, but that's not something that's possible in the Army. You could potentially join the AF/Navy/Marines at the end of your 10 year ADSO, go through their commissioning programs and then onto UPT. There's a limit on how old you can be and get a commission
  9. There's a chance they'd let you into the AF to be an RW-only pilot as a 11 year time-in-service CWO, but that leaves your options limited to H60s and the H139, but you'd need to be young enough to get through to OTS. You could potentially do OCS early enough that the additional commitment wouldn't extend you. UPT will be a tough nut to crack unless you're young enough to not need an age waiver. Hopefully the AF brings back the FWQ, but I doubt it, as they seem disinterested in the massive waste of money that is their training pipeline. I think they should allow the Army FWMEQC for crewed aircr
  10. See AR 350-1 Appendix I, the tables there cover constructive and equivalent credit for officers. I doubt you'll get WOAC credit from the AVCCC. NGR 600-101 7-9e (National Guard reg) specifically authorizes equivalent credit for prior-Captains who are appointed as warrant officers and who graduated from AVCCC within 7 years of being appointed a warrant (by the way, to get promoted to W3 as a guard guy you need that WOAC credit, unlike our federal brethren, thanks to that same reg). You have to submit that equivalent credit packet through Rucker to DA-3/5/7. The schoolhouse made me do a co
  11. There's a time and a place for everything. Practice autos from ~500' with kids on board in the middle of nowhere ain't the time or place. The FADEC might've saved them from their poor judgement and execution had they managed to leave it alone once they got it back to the FLIGHT detent. Your friend might not have realized the engine was pulled down but they both should've known to get the collective down at least. I can tell you from a SIM at least that it's really hard to keep the black on bottom when the rotor is significantly drooped on the AStar. Luckily I started from ~2000' and I was in a
  12. Look WEAMS on the VA site to find VA approved schools. Definitely more than just those states. VA won't pay for private pilot privileges (because it's not professional training), but some degree seeking programs will enroll you w/o ASEL private privileges. This way you can always get your private privileges 'paid for' by taking the checkride under Part 61 when you meet the requirements, but the VA won't reimburse you for the checkride. They will reimburse you for the checkride for professional ratings; I think it's https://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-22-0803-ARE.pdf to get reimbursed. I
  13. pretty much most part timers in the Guard or Reserves do
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