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  1. Austin, who likes there family enough to be around them that much?
  2. Aww come on Mike, I'd say come upstairs and hang out but I'm in Rucker for IPC
  3. I heard it's written SEAL but pronounced "ghey" is that correct?
  4. What ever you decide to use for the movie, you have to use audio for a huey.
  5. No butt hurt, this is message board, anyone that gets all worked up over a message board needs to get a life. The point I was trying to make is this: Why wouldn't you want to get a 300 on your PT test, and why wouldn't you want to be on the Commandant's List or at the top of the OML? I get it that you would know what you will be flying and where you would be stationed. Would love to hear more about "The Real Deal" Holyfield though.
  6. Sounds like you already plan on trying to coast through flight school, interesting strategy. I'm glad you are going USAR as well, wouldn't want to fly with you. I get what you are trying to say, you could have said it better.
  7. Official list comes out at 0730 EST on the 9th (Warrant Officer B-day)
  8. It's all up to you. I know guys that hate it and I know guys that love it. I personally love my job. If you are the type of person that that gets all spun up about things that you have no control over, you might not enjoy it. There is alot of dumb shite that comes down from the top and unfortunately the Platoon Leader is some kid straight out of college that has no idea how to shield his guys from it. It can get stupid. The whole reason I switched from the Navy was to come to the 160th. I love it here, I get to do things in a 47 that would make a big army risk assessment soil itself. Don't get me wrong we get some of the silly games here too, but our leadership is much better at deflecting it, for the most part. So in my honest opinion, if you don't sweat the small stuff, it's all gravy.
  9. I think when I went through, only the class leader gave his coin to the 1SG
  10. The first female pilots have passed assessment and a few are in Green Platoon right wow.
  11. I transfered from the Navy and when you transfer services there should be NO break in service. You have to set up your enlistment in the Army so that you are in the Army the day you get discharged from the Air Force, therefor, you have no break in service, pay, or benefits.
  12. For they guys in this thread who said they want 58s because they want to fly MH/AH-6s be advised, it matters not what you flew prior to assessment with the Regiment. Just because you had a tail rotor or rockets on your green helo is not a pipeline to the AH6. I was asked if I wanted to fly little birds at my assement and I turned it down, said I wanted to stay in the 47. Out of 16 pilots in my company there are only 4 of us that flew 47s pior. We have mostly 60 and 64 guys and 2 or 3 58 pilots.
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