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  1. AR95-1, FM 3-04.203, aeromedical, 40-8 would all be helpful; those will pertain to your entire career. But as Lindsey said I would just enjoy the free time as much as possible.
  2. Academics will start mid December. First flight line day is 7 Jan 16
  3. Earl Doty, right now he's on leave and we have Paul Madrid.
  4. The first flight to have the 72s will be Ranger flight, we are their last class of 67s the next class they get will be the LUH. Which I believe they start the academic portion next month.
  5. You know the reg has changed back to the old standard right? As long as they are not on your hands or neck you should be fine. Regardless, my packet didn't have any of mine in it other then being noted on the flight physical, and mine are wrist, forearm,chest, and full side.
  6. With the exception of SERE and WOCS they will accommodate you as best they can. Before WOCS, depending on your start date, you can take leave, you won't have much though just coming from basic. We had 1 guy get married during WOBC and there is a guy in my primary class going home to get married next week. Edit: we also had another guy push back his SERE date to attend his brothers wedding.
  7. It'll be 10 months from the time I started WOCS for me
  8. Anti depressants are a class 4 medication meaning they need a waiver. Under the lyster checklist it is noted as waiver not recommended. However I suppose anything could be done.
  9. Yeah you can. Not all medical units do flight physicals though. Indiantown gap in PA does however they are usually scheduled at least a month out as well.
  10. Yamer didn't even mention anything about a 64, or any other aircraft for that matter. His idea of boring is nothing more then an opinion. Why's everyone so jumpy. It's not like he's acting like shindig jeez...
  11. You'll probably just have to wait until you can be taken to an actual aircraft and they will put you in it to make sure you're good. However, you'll be going through an LUH class so not sure how that would work.
  12. Akscott, do you just keep everything in iBooks?
  13. Sweet, thanks guys. Looks like I've got some downloading to do.
  14. What are some good things to put onto an iPad, for both flight school purposes and post flight school?
  15. Haha my buddy who just started primary last week is guard here for 60's and his state called him and said "hey you're being switched to 47F oh and when you get home you are progressing and being deployed early to mid 2017.
  16. I actually just emailed them the other day out of curiosity. To apply while in flight school you must be either top 10% or prior SOF. There is no flight hour minimum, but you can only apply a small number of times before you have to wait 12 months to apply again.
  17. If you are active duty they "promote" you to E-5 while you are in WOCS. If you are guard, they can get your state to do it right before graduation if they are giving you trouble. Regardless you get E-5 pay the whole time.
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