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  1. They would Jester2138, You are correct. In fact we have spoken to the experts since and we have access to a Bell 212. (A helicopter suggested by that expert.) I'm sorry for your suspicion of who I seem to be. As a person who works on camera crews I am sure you know plenty of Art Directors who don't know very much about Helicopters as action Vehicles. Many of them do however like to have a bit of background research before speaking with experts. I've been gathering that research. I have been able to give my art director images of seemingly appropriate Helicopters, and inform his conversation from that point onwards.
  2. Thanks guys... I probably could have elaborated on my background a bit more. I have NO experience with Helicopters. I'm an Art assistant on a film and was beginning my research on a few scenes where we have CIA hopping about in London. Without speaking directly to helicopter specialists and knowing what is appropriate in those situations is tricky. And its hard to speak to specialists (the people we will be Hiring the vehicles from) without some background first. My possible Chopper faux pas suggestions came from the first things that came back from google! I have since found a website rotaryaction.com which lists helicopters that have been used in Film in those scenarios. Spooks (2002- 2011) have used AS-355, EC-120 Colibri and a AS-350B in the past M:I2 (2000) has used an AS-350-B2 and a Eurocopter BK-117C Face/Off (97) the AS 355-f2 Twinstar as does Burn Notice (07) Enemy of the State and Agent Cody Banks. And heres the thing, From that Its looking like I need to look down the AS-355 route a bit closer. Yet I'm also aware just because these Helicopters have all featured in CIA films in Urban settings I need confirmation they are appropriate. Its guys like you after all who are the first to notice when the wrong helicopter swoops into action.
  3. Hi All, Just joined the forum to ask a question. staying for the discussions! I'm researching a film and need to know what kind of helicopter the American CIA would realistically use while flying around London. (low key passenger not heavily militarised) A few avenues have lead me to conflicting ideas. Some say they would use a police style eurocopter 355 and others say that would be completely wrong and be a much bigger jet powered helicopter similar to an airbus Lakota. Help! Dean
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