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  1. Good Idea! After my USAF flight surgeon "signed off" on my flight physical, the super for Flight med said they wold not submit it due to it being used for Army rather than USAF!
  2. This was a 3 day Cx time building flight with no GPS. Lots of Dead Reckoning flight practice. Weather Brief: winds 0 knots though 18k, Clear skys, no turbulance, 68 deg in mountains. Problems faced: No enroute airports sold maps! Thankfully we took Ipads and an external battery pack to recharge the ipads with. Upon arrival in Mariposa Yosimite we discovered they had suffered a power outage and did not have a manual fuel pump requiring a detour to Merced RGNL.. "look at Merced closely on map" It took my instructor and I nearly 20 minutes to figure out there is an Abandoned Tower at Merced! We where informed by a passing Lear Jet that was wondering why we where flying in circles trying to get tower to respond! Bishop Airport, was closed on monday? N37°12.86' W117°49.27' Unable to contact Oakland through 10k. dropped to 400' and continued. Biggest Hurdle: N37°28.74' W118°41.01 Camping locations: boundry of special use air space: N37°12.73' W117°49.18', Someones cow pasture: N34°51.68' W106°25.81' Parked Heli in grandparents back yard. N35°28.69' W94°12.26' Suffered an Engine Failure: N36°33.66' W105°16.45' DA: 13k roughly It was the most amazing trip ever! After everything was done and i was back home and flying again my wife even recieved a phone call saying she owed money because i had been declared dead upon arrival!!! They had gotten the paperwork mixed up with another accident and somehow i was listed as deceased! (didn't have a scratch on me) LOL! Below is a ap of the trip. http://skyvector.com/?ll=37.356295157878805,-117.82795714949341&chart=301&zoom=3&plan=A.K1.KBDN:G.43.85314741107374,-121.38647460577268:A.K1.45S:A.K1.KLKV:A.K2.KAAT:A.K2.KSVE:A.K2.O02:A.K2.O79:A.K2.KTRK:G.38.90841795721498,-120.15069579710095:G.38.815743162121315,-120.10308837522294:G.38.76361406180421,-120.46330260864409:G.38.437347717362194,-120.52784728638254:A.K2.O22:A.K2.E45:A.K2.KMPI:A.K2.KMCE:G.37.22981811265441,-119.97573852169927:G.37.316878112668036,-119.561645504095:G.37.377287297096096,-119.2906494103279:G.37.445643807891095,-119.17346191032054:G.37.364190637596494,-119.08099364859594:G.37.39967365013307,-118.9535064659707:G.37.453111973935194,-118.76124572377105:G.37.477855165294656,-118.68138885120743:A.K2.KBIH:G.37.28443362397623,-118.04466247177271:G.37.20998788226005,-117.81784057234434:G.37.21939331057888,-117.09017943948594:A.K2.KBTY:A.K2.0L7:A.K2.KBVU:A.K2.1G4:V.K2.PGS:A.K2.40G:A.K2.KGUP:A.K2.KAEG:G.35.020999693825615,-106.81910705114242:G.34.93210445550247,-106.76829528356109:G.34.88705742582624,-106.69413756871266:G.34.87241182037936,-106.6062469437071:G.34.860017346891325,-106.42497252963318:A.K2.0E0:A.K2.KTCC:A.K4.KAMA:A.K4.T59:A.K4.KCSM:A.K4.KRQO:A.K4.KOKC:A.K4.F10:A.K4.KFSM:G.35.477390747979385,-94.20233916704542:A.K4.KJSV:A.K4.O47:A.K4.KHSD:A.K4.KCLK:A.K4.93F:A.K4.KDHT:G.36.368553634633514,-104.59286498557225:A.K2.C12:G.36.56734294064076,-105.0721435500556:G.36.530936404219695,-105.18338012232826:G.36.541970498834665,-105.22869872584674:G.36.5596217750297,-105.27264403834951
  3. Newest hurdle! Turns out recruiter had the 72 hour requirement wrong. We spoke yesterday and he said it ust had to be done today upon arrival he informed me the application had to be turned in by noon today.... maybe next week. additionally, there is a belief that you "Must" have your Army Physical completed before taking the Sift!
  4. Let me start by saying in no way is my experience normal. However, when i am selected for WOFT it will be just another testament that determination can pay off. Four years ago (Jan 2010) i was returning from JBB, Iraq to discover my xwife had moved from Arkansas to California, drained the bank account, and had the nerve to inform me that if i ever wanted to see my son again i would drop everything and move to California. Needless to say i was not in the best place at that time. I decided after drafting divorse papers i would resume college in Montana with the blessing of my unit in Arkansas. This was supposed to provide distance and time for me to rediscover myself. Low and behold after enrollent two weeks went by when my unit notified me i was being activated and required to report within 7 days. Being the person i am packed house and dropped school only to make it to Denver when my unit sent me a "Text Message" and notified me my orders had been cancelled and that i am expected to continue to AR for drill the following week. After arriving in Arkansas my unit placed me on AT as if it was going to provide enough funding to climb back out of the hole i had just been kicked into. After AT i was notified i could get 30 days of orders but had to pay lodging out of pocket for 2 weeks before they would become available. This scenario played out 3 times in 2010 before I became financially spent and had to make changes. My new girlfriend at the time asked me what my dreams where before i joined the military and got married. It made me think, was it my chance to start clean and just go for it? to just Fly? was it really that time. It was! I had oined the AF to fly and learn aviation in the first place. I explained my dreams from childhood where to become a Search ad Rescue Pilot. I had heard many stories from my dad and his friends at Fort Chaffee, AR where i spent a great deal of time at the NCO Acadamy as a child. My now wife gave that gentle nudge and suggested i do what i want and not worry about veryone else for a change. My wife and I began planning and studying where the schools that accepted Post 9/11 GI Bill were and which ones had a rotor-wing program. There where 7 at the time and I asked her to figure out which one had the best safety record and the rest was history. My unit approved and allowed me at first to attend bimonthly drill but not allowing promotion until i moved back to local commuting range aswell i was required to be back in AR by Jan 2014. I didn't hesitate and my wife and i headed to Bend, OR. where i began college at COCC and ironically had an advisor which i actually knew me from Active duty some 6 years earlier. Six months went by and i was ready and had my Pvt Helicopter checkride scheduled. I was working feverishly the get it completed because of upcoming deploymet and i had already lost 2 instructors which kept delaying my ride. Checkride week finally arrived and I got a call from my unit, my report date is bumped up a month. I now have 6 days to report and i have to cancel my ride due to a 3 day drive to Arkansas. I spent 4 months in Kyrgyzstan and then had to wait on a new school term to cycle... When i reported back to Flight Training in Jan 2012 i had been gone 6 months and had a new flight instructor which i had known since basic training and EAUC/Tech. We spent the remainder of 2012 bouncing me through training as i was a fulltime Pilot, student, husband, and commuting 2100 miles every 2 months for drill taking me out of flight and school for 2 weeks not including the periodical TDY's. This does not include the helicopter accident or the motorcycle accident which sidelined me for a bit. At the end of 2012 i decided i was going to go WOFT, I had a new Commander leaning on me to get things in order for WOFT for when i returned to Arkansas. In Sept 2013 things went south, way south! I had no money left due to commute to AR, wife had to make an emergncy trip to MT for family where she had to have a place to stay i still had to finish Turbine training, Part 133 and if time permitted my PPL Fixed wing. Fortunately i like camping, because when i returned to OR from AR i found myself camping at the end of Airport runway 34 in Bend, OR trying to finish college and my flight training while still providing for my family in montana and maintaining service commitment. In Oct a friend of mine dicovered i was really camping, he had thought the few people i told where just joking and he offered to let me stay at his house. The night i moved out of the tent Bend got hit with 2-3 inches of snow and 20-30 mph winds. I was lucky! I finished my turbine, Part 133, and started on my Fixed wing to build Total Time hours. During this time I recieved a call asking me if i would be interested in taking a contract to TX for 1 year and i said i would depending on how things went with my WOFT packet. In Dec 2013 i exhausted my VA benefits 1 class remaining but complete with my aviation ratings. Upon arrival in AR to pick up the Heli to take to TX i was informed the contract was cancelled and i did not have a job after all. In Jan i was informed that my Medical Unit that someone had thrown away my Flight physical and i was going to have to redo the flight physical. Next hurdle, AF Flight medicine informed m they dowould not submit my flight physical which i had just completed due to appication for WOFT. So i have to have another flight physical accomplished. Feb my wife returned from MT, I had no home for her or myself, and no job. Feb 21st finally found a job that will at least pay the bills and still working on the flight job. Recruiter informed me that he would schedule ASVAB as my original score fell 1 point short in 2002. Recruiter forgot, then when i was finally enroute for testing and Physical i was notified they where closed on the day of physical and he forgot to inform me. 3rd time, actually arrived and was told that MEPS will not test inservice personal. Then Another TDY, returned and took ASVAB got a 119 GT. Scheduled for Physical and SIFT this Thursday/Friday This road has been hell so far, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I will make WOFT ad i will fulfill my dreams. I have lost way to much to stop and i am not going to let anyone stop me.
  5. I am not relying on my ratings to get me in. I was just curious. My back story is 12 years TIS 10 active, 2 deployments. Nothing extradorinary in my opinion but not a bad career. Decided to leave AD do to X-wife medical condition, after divorce and being taken to cleaner by Xwife i decided mid-deployment to go the route of rotorwing (life long desire to eventually work fire suppression and SAR)....My unit said ok and I Attended LEA in Bend Oregon while comuting monthly to south central US for drill, finished in Dec 2013. have been flying part time as a contract pilot of tours for past few months. Decided in June to go WOFT and began working on packet, got lucky and "Somehow" was lucky enough o take the family & commander of ANG Aviation Unit up on an aerial tour and got to talking. One thing led to another and i am hear. LOR's CW3 Aviator - O3 Aviation Commander - O6 AF Group Commander (aviator) - O6 (Ret) Wing Commander Aviator - Chief Rotor Pilot Leading Edge Aviation (30k+ hr instructor/ FAA Examiner) - Former Chief Pilot Leading Edge Aviation (now with PHI) 3 of my referaces have actually been in heli with me, 2 of them for evals/edorsements and known me as an aviator for 3 years.
  6. Thank you all for your input, As for the deadline on the website thank you for the clarification. Here is some additional information i have not previously been able to find and have been able to track down today. Getting your disability compensation suspended, (Mine is 10%)... According to the VA National Service Office (NSO) in order to suspend your benefits you are required to provide a statement from your commanding officer stating that you intend to reenlist in Active Duty and are required to suspend you disability. it must also have a written letter from member with the statement "Please Stop VA Benefits for Members Name. All documents must be signed and dated, This information is derived from Kim at the National Service Office in Oklahoma. Seems inaccurate to me but that is what i was told. after that you have to fax the statement complete with signature and contact info to the NCO for approval.
  7. I would like some clarification as i beleive i screwed the pooch on this one. My recruiter (in an attempt to ensure men we had time to get my packet submitted said that "the cutoff for the Nov Board is Nov 7th". This is completely contradicted on the warrent board information website. 2nd question, if in fact my recruiter gave me bad information as a suspect, is there a chance that the packet can be pulled forward into the Nov board if approved and submitted in the next few weeks?
  8. Out of curiosity, i am currently working on my Packet and like to think that i have a decent one lined up. However, i am curious about how my flight time and certs/endorsement stacks against the average applicant. feel free to add your 2 cents as any comments are just learning info for me. Commercial Rotorwing Instrument Private Fixed wing Part 133 External Load Endorsed Approximate flight times 415, flight hours. 322 rotorwing. 93 fixed wing 27.9 turbine in Bell 206 35 instrument 160 Robinson R22 130 Robinson R44 27 Bell 206 93 Cessna 172
  9. Are you currently in NWARK? i only know of 2-3 206's there one in springdale.
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