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  1. Available in Houston, TX Price is based on TWO pilots, trading off under the hood and safety piloting. Weekdays preferred. Flight to remain in Texas, but can be cross country, night, etc. You will both have to pre-pay for the time and must purchase at least 5 hours each.
  2. National Helicopter solutions is offering for a limited time R44 time building $195 wet (requires two pilots) Contact National Helicopter Solutions Phone: 210-740-8432 Email: thaddeus@helihoghunt.com http://www.nationalhelicoptersolutions.com/ http://www.helihoghunt.com/
  3. I've done this once before. I have a few weekends where I'll be busier than I can handle on my own. Last time I gave away the flight time away free, this time I'll be paying $10-$20 per flight hour depending on experience. The job: 4-8 minute rides in R44 Raven II for hours on end. The Locations: Houston, TX or nearby Dates: April 11th & 12th, April 25th & 26th, May 2nd & 3rd The Pilot: Someone who fits in. The whole crew is basically family. There's a difference between being safe and being scared. The job is not hard, but to make money the timing has to be impeccable. If I'm shooting for a four minute ride, skids lift to touch down is within 5 or 10 seconds of 4 minute mark. There's more to it - but I'll explain that to whoever I think we are going to bring in for those dates. More importantly than just the weirdly formatted resumes I get sometimes, I need to know a few things when you email me in starlight text format. Total Time in Helicopters Total Time in R44 Robinson Safety Course Date Flight School Last Checkride & Date Last Flight Instructor Name & Phone # My name is Thaddeus and I'm the owner of National Helicopter Solutions and www.HeliHogHunt.com. Email me at Thaddeus@HeliHogHunt.com Regulations require drug screening and background check. I also can not and will not lodge anybody. You may bring a tent if you'd like. Lol.
  4. Ahh, now that I e gone through 20+ emails of interested individuals... I'll explain. There's a lot of truth in just about everybody's responses. I'll explain my angle. 1. I could do all 96 hours in September myself. (In TX heat I'd be dead by October) 2. There are pilots who transition from FW to helicopters and don't even have the hours to instruct with their brand new CFII. (200) (I expected more emails from these types) 3. Does anybody have a clue what adding a 200-300 hour pilot to a helicopter policy that had aerial hunting coverage? (Hint: It's a lot) 4. If someone needs or desires flight time, and I have a job in which they realistically can fly, they can have the hours. (3 minute hops can be done by just about any commercial helicopter pilot, unless they're large in size) 5. I'm expanding - and like many have mentioned, the guy or girl that I have come down will be the first name I go to. All that being said, check out the websites. Like our facebook page. For anyone that's curious - one of the very first 2 or 3 people to email me got the gig. I could've had 1,000 hour plus pilots with worlds of knowledge experience blah blah blah... I chose someone with far less than that. I chose based on resume content and the time they took in their email. I got a lot of - "hey I want the free flight time" emails. But I also got one that took the opportunity for what it was and approached me professionally. I get all kinds of people wanting to fly for me. Some have 200 hours, some have 2,000. www.HeliHogHunt.com www.NationalHelicopterSolutions.com
  5. Okay guys and girls, I may have been misleading a bit. I will be giving away the flight time in the Houston, TX area but I will not pay for lodging. There is a potential for up to 60 hours or so in about a 14 day period. Requirements: Commercial Helicopter Pilot Must have R44 Endorsement Preferably Have RHC Safety Course Preferably 300 TT Helicopter Email me with questions or resumes etc. Thaddeus@HeliHogHunt.com
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